3 Apps Which Are The Game-changers In Real Estate Sector

Home searching is not a child’s play. On an individual level, we all know that the search for a house can be a daunting task. This statement holds true for those who had to undertake house search in the past. Before the Internet, property search involved a lot of physical effort as buyers had to hop from place to place in a bid to identify their desired house.

The trend has changed somewhat in recent years; with the advent of property websites facilitating the house search process. As of 2019, many real estate applications have also joined the fray – providing much-needed information to millions of users around the globe. These apps perform a set of functions (explained in the following paragraphs) than just provide listing services.

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Whereas the primary task of conventional apps was to provide property listings for sale or rent, the new apps are bringing much more to the table; providing essential tips on home loans, auction, and brokerage.

Some of the popular ones are, of course, the big names such as Zillow.com, Trulia.com, and LoopNet.com. Real estate apps have also witnessed a rise in their popularity in Asian countries; providing their services to millions of users. These include iProperty.com for Malaysia and Singapore, 99acres.com for India, and Zameen.com for Pakistan to name a few.

With each passing day, these applications are bringing new options, innovations, ideas, and experiences for the users. Some of the applications which have proven to be the game-changers in real estate include:


While Zillow falls in the category of popular apps, it serves as an inspiration for other online real estate service providers. Many e-classified property portals have based the design of their apps on Zillow’s model.

Zillow pioneered the idea of online home value estimates. The app allows users to calculate the estimated home values, past sale prices, and perform similar functions for nearly every home in the United States.

Even better, it effectively provides projections of the estimated value of any home over time. You can know the potential sale price when you decide to sell it.

On a more fundamental level, the app allows you to view home prices by location and offers a variety of option to search for the right home. Zillow is undoubtedly the app to use for all the home needs in the United States.


BiggerPockets advertises itself as a (real estate) education site; containing over two million pages of ‘free real estate knowledge’. This platform is actually quite great and brings a lot of innovation to the table. Through BiggerPockets, you can gain tremendous insights into the global property marketplace.

The app contains blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, forums, and a lot of other great learning options. The app is available on their website and will open the entire world of real estate for you. A promising value that the app provides is the connection with other realtors around the world.

Here you will be able to learn where and how to invest in real estate to gain maximum profits. It can also teach you how to enhance the value of any property you may have invested in. In brief, BiggerPockets is one of the top resources on the internet for people looking to up their game on real estate investment.


Dotloop is an app that facilitates optimization of the online transaction and productivity optimization in real estate. Dotloop allows you to access your transactions on any devices on the go. It also links people, documents, and tasks to increase productivity and enhance communication and collaboration. Dotloop aims explicitly to cater to the real estate industry and has proven to be a useful tool for businesses that engage in home sales, apartment rentals, and expense reports.

It provides:

  • Tools that allow you to collaborate and operate in real estate over the app
  • Cloud-hosted encrypted database
  • Effective collection of all the data and information on a project to make communication and collaboration easy.

The app has more than 685,000 members, including real estate giants such as Keller Williams and Prudential. While these are some of the top picks that any realtor, real estate investor, or even a causal homebuyer would like to have on their phone, there are scores of other options available.

There are other apps that may change your experience of real estate. It is a vast and varied field, and so is the related software. But, for first-time buyers, these apps can provide an excellent house-hunting experience.

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