BitQT Expert Review – Answering Legit Or A Scam?

BitQt trading app was launched in 2018 to aid novice traders to make money from the cryptocurrency market. The trading app is highly popular among traders due to its massive productivity, as it does not require a lot of manual instructions. Furthermore, it seems to be a good value for money for newbies who are afraid of investing vast funds since only a minimum of $250 is needed to start trading.

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What Is BitQT?

BitQt refers to an automated bitcoin investment robot that is claimed to have a success rate of about 95 percent. The app leverages AI-powered algorithms to probe the BTC market. The research carried out by the robots constitutes technical and fundamental analysis by studying thousands of charts to uncover market patterns.

A fundamental probe is done by sweeping the online media for news that affect the markets. BitQT utilizes a segment of AI dubbed  Machine Learning (ML) to better its productivity with shifting data. As such, the software can sustain its alleged elevated productivity even as market conditions vary.

According to BitQT developers, the app operates by leveraging trading strategies, short-selling, and scalping to take advantage of the nose-diving markets. Furthermore, the software adopts high-speed trading mechanisms to enable the user to profit from the vast number of investment opportunities in the market.

This enables the app to implement hundreds of thousands of trades in seconds. Although BitQT is associated with high profits, users are advised to appraise their risk appetite to mitigate losses as the market is not 100 percent predictable. Join Bitqt Today and Start Earning

Is BitQT A Scam?

As per our research, BitQT operates in an open manner where the investors can follow their accounts in realtime and question using blockchain-based smart contracts in case of a dispute. The platform employs both artificial intelligence for productivity and consistency and blockchain technology for transparency. Furthermore, BitQT has shared very essential information on its official website, such as its legal jurisdiction of its associate brokers.

It is always advisable to do due diligence on the inherent brokers. Trading apps that incorporate offshore fraudulent overseas brokers are likely to be a scam. BitQT’s brokers are real, legitimate, and reliable. All the partner brokers comply with a strict set of instructions like deposit segregation, insurance, and regular external audits.

This verifies that all the deposits made are in safe hands, and the trading software is reliable and safe. On security matters, the developers of BitQT incorporated military-level protection against data loss through a 128-bit key encryption and database protection through SiteLock.

Additionally, the app is complacent with the strict EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Notably, TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy data suggest that most of the users are okay with the platform. 95 percent of the users left positive feedback

Onboarding BitQT

It is easy for new traders to join and start trading on the BitQT premium platform. All the details are provided on the platform’s website. The trader bots automatically execute orders, but after the user defines some parameters to mitigate risk before initiating a live trade. It is recommended that new traders practice using the demo version before jumping to the live platform.

Sign Up For BitQT

Registration for BitQT is completely free of charge. Provide your contact details and agree to the set terms and conditions. Furthermore, you can approve whether you want to be included in the mailing list, which is advisable since it’s how you learn of the updates. As mentioned, you can sign up for BitQT completely free.


The minimum deposit amount on BitQT App is $250, which is very considerable. All the deposits are made through the partner broker’s page. Several methods are available to deposit funds, such as bank transfer, debit, and credit cards. Top cryptocurrency platforms are also supported, and electric platforms like Skrill and Neteller.

BitQT Trading

The software provides extensive resources for users to learn trading and make the most out of BitQT. There are a number of comprehensive articles and videos that all provide a wealth of information about how the platform operates.

The live trading process on the app is easy to navigate. Nevertheless, you have to implement all the guidelines provided to end up profitable. Notably, you should be keen on the risk setting functionality as most traders don’t.


BitQT app provides support for trading bitcoin and commodities with an alleged success rate of 95 percent. According to reviews made by its users, the majority are satisfied with its performance, and they are generating profits. Based on this review, we can confirm that BitQT is safe and reliable to generate passive income.

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