KeepVid Android – Download And Convert YouTube Videos Instantly

If there is one app that all Android users need to know about, it has to be KeepVid Android, an app that allows you to download videos from Youtube and several other sites, with a single click! KeepVid is the most convenient way to download videos from YouTube to mp3 format on your android device.

It comes with a range of handy features that make the downloading of videos an incredibly easy task. Of course, before downloading any video, the user must make sure that they are not violating any copyright policy associated with the content. Once that is ensured, Android video conversion itself will be a matter of seconds, thanks to the amazing app.

To start with, one amazing feature is that when you open a Facebook video you will have the option to download the video by just clicking the share button and choose KeepVid. The download will start immediately and you will be able to watch the video on your smartphone and even share it through messages.

[pullquote]Once you download KeepVid Android, you will immediately start seeing a floating Download button next to any video that you play on YouTube, DailyMotion, and a bunch of other websites.[/pullquote] Simply click this button to download the video in mp3 format to your phone. KeepVid also provides different resolution options and you can even opt to download just the audio file of the video. These many custom settings are hard to find with other video download apps.

Once you make the selection and hit the download button, the download process will start in the background, and you can continue watching the video or can click away, as per your will.

KeepVid also provides the option of batch download, so you can download multiple videos at the same time as well. You do not have to wait for one video to download before you can select the next one; this is multi-tasking at its best.

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In case you know the link of the video that you wish to download, you can simply enter the link into the app and KeepVid will start the download for you. You do not even need to play the video for the download to begin. Another interesting feature of KeepVid is that you can search a website for a video directly, with the help of the app.

For example, if you wish to search for a video on YouTube, simply select the YouTube option on the app, search for the video of your choice and hit download. The built-in web browser makes it extremely simple to search for videos directly and download them to your phone. Now you can watch videos on the go, as per your convenience, and can share them with your friends too.

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KeepVid Android also provides the flexibility to download an entire playlist in one go. What is more, if you are in a hurry, you can use their free YouTube to mp4 online tool to download a video by simply pasting its link on the tool. Downloading videos cannot get more hassle-free than this.

KeepVid Android is the handiest app to download all your favorite video content from the internet. It is the top-rated app for YouTube to mp3 conversion and to top it all off, KeepVid Android is available completely free of cost for all Android users. This app deserves a rave review because it truly allows you to watch the videos that you love, anytime and anywhere.

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KeepVid Android – Download And Convert YouTube Videos Instantly

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