How To Transform Your PAX 3 Experience With The App

With portable vaporizers becoming more advanced as each year goes by, it can be challenging selecting the perfect option for your vaping habits – especially if you’re pretty new to the scene. But with its sleek design, easy-to-use functions, and accompanying app, the PAX 3 offers the perfect balance of style and substance.

Allowing you to have more control and versatility over your sessions than ever before, utilizing this device’s innovative app has the power to completely transform your vaping experiences for the better. To discover more about how to achieve the most from the PAX 3 app, keep reading.

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Advanced Technology

Perhaps one of the most attractive selling points of the PAX 3 is its accompanying app, allowing users to experience more exceptional functions than simply using the device on its own. Only requiring a Bluetooth connection to connect, the app quickly pairs with your PAX 3 device within seconds – and you’re good to go.

From using the app, you can effortlessly customize pre-set temperature settings, and even explore a wide variety of different heating profiles. A unique feature many other portable vapes simply don’t offer, PAX 3’s heating settings seamlessly integrate varying temperatures and heating speeds to provide different experiences, so you don’t have to waste time figuring them out yourself.

Bespoke Heating Profiles

Providing a truly tailored experience to suit almost all vaping habits and preferences, the PAX 3 app offers a total of 5 heating profiles for you to choose from. Perhaps the most appropriate to start with is the Standard, as this is the device’s original default setting. Accelerating temperature when in use and safely cooling when not, this option is safe and straightforward.

But if a great taste is what you value most, the Flavour profile utilizes faster heating and boosted temperatures to guarantee the best flavor output possible with each draw. But if remaining discreet when on-the-go is your priority, the Stealth mode boasts an auto-cool mechanism to reduce odor as much as possible – in addition to instantly dimming the devices LED lights to reduce visibility.

And for heavier users who prefer the most intense possible hits, the PAX 3 Boost profile is certain to impress — offering super-fast heating and slower cooling, the intensity of hits skyrockets. However, this does cause the device’s battery to wear-out at greater speed, meaning you may not be able to experience your desired session duration when regularly used at length. But with the last and final Efficiency mode being the most economical option by preserving battery-life with slower heating and automatic cooling, you can easily make up for Boost usage.

Further Customisation

While the tailored heating profiles are undoubtedly a primary feature of the PAX 3 app, that’s not all it has to offer. Providing mechanisms to alter haptic feedback, dim or increase LED brightness and even securely lock the device when not being used, this app provides a more enormous wealth of options you simply wouldn’t achieve with the PAX 3 alone.

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