Bitcoin Up Review – Is It A Scam Or Profitable

Bitcoin UP is a trading robot that is going viral in Australia and the UK. Most users allege the bot is enabling them to make thousands in crypto as daily profits. There’s been massive skepticism around Bitcoin UP after appearing on mainstream media as one of the leading high traffic robots.

As a result, we decided to settle the matter and provide you with an updated review of the site. The following review is going to address the question, is Bitcoin UP a scam? Followed by a series of details that will inform you if to try it out. Start trading now on Bitcoin UP.

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Is Bitcoin UP A Scam?

We asked 10 expert brokers to test and review the platform, and their report shows that Bitcoin UP is not a Scam. The platform is a newcomer in the industry. Despite this, the robot is breaking record highs by posting high traffic and soaring profits.

As of April 2020, the robot recorded approximately 50,000 users. Using the robot requires as little a deposit as $250. Users are nevertheless disclaimed on the probability of risks and loss of capital.

The platform is free to use and relies on both AI and blockchain to have a transparent and decentralized financial system. In fact, the robot is free to use and has in place a strong 128-bit encryption. If believability is key for prospective bot traders, the encryption and a stringent data protection framework says it all.

Bitcoin UP has in place measures that adhere to data protection regulations. More particularly, the EU General Data Protection Regulation that addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EEA and EU areas. EU GDPR remains one of the stringent data privacy laws in the world. More information you can find on their Crunchbase page.

Features Of Bitcoin UP

  1. Profitability – Investors have a common goal. To reap more and more profits on their capital. We interviewed several Bitcoin UP traders who testified they were indeed making significant profits from the platform.
  2. Affordability -The platform is free to use—a starting capital of only $250 for a live trading session. Most auto trading platforms demand $500 – $1000 per trading session. Hence, Bitcoin UP seems favorable for novice traders and those coming in to test their skills.
  3. Security and Encryption – Bitcoin UP’s support team has put in place a 24/7 online security system. The system ensures investor data and capital is highly secure and confidential. As earlier mentioned, the system uses 128-bit-level encryption.
  4. Fully Automated – Automation ensures anyone can take part in trading regardless of their skill level. In fact, the platform is easy to use and requires no prior experience.

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Trading On Bitcoin UP

Opening An Account

You need to register with Bitcoin UP before you start trading on the platform. Registration entails verifying your identity. The platform will also match you with a partnering broker in your respective region. For KYC requirements, the top brokers verify each user’s identity as per regional regulations.

The verification process requires you to submit a scanned copy of a government-issued Identification Card or a driving license and a clear photo. Afterward, proceed to deposit as you await verification. Take note that you will only be able to withdraw funds after verifying your identity.


Deposit a minimum of $250. All deposits take place at the partnering broker’s page. Bitcoin UP brokers are verified brokers, and users should not worry about the security of their funds. Usually, brokers follow strict deposit protection measures.

For example, periodic audits and segregation. Deposit segregation prevents a broker from using a trader’s deposit for any other purpose. The most common payment methods on the platform include Wire Transfer, e-wallets (Netller/Skrill), or crypto wallets.

Demo Trading

Bitcoin UP creates a real market experience on what to expect during live trading using Demo Trading. Traders must prepare for the live trading session by trying out different settings. The best way to do this is through a demo.

Additionally, the platform provides adequate tutorials, guides, and webinars to enable beginners to familiarize themselves with the platform. We recommend at least 2 hours going through the educational resources before trading live.

Live Trading

After going through demo trading, live trading will be so easy. All you need is adjusting the risk settings and begin a live session through the trade now button. You will need minimal input and will easily proceed with your daily activities while the bot automates everything for you.

To reap the highest profits, ensure you trade not less than eight hours, from Monday to Friday. Avoid leaving trading sessions open overnights because this will likely cause rollover fees and therefore cut the bottom line.

Trade With Bitcoin UP Now

In conclusion, Bitcoin UP is a legit trading platform. It is simple to use, affordable, secure, and profitable. The bot ranks among the high-performance trading platforms, and we, therefore, recommend it as legit. Start trading now on Bitcoin UP.

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