CoinSwitch Touches New Heights With Over 1Million Monthly Visitors

CoinSwitch, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange aggregator has reached new heights and is currently celebrating over a million visits a month. It is easy to see how CoinSwitch achieved this massive success in less than 2 years. With it simple user interface and user-friendly guides, CoinSwitch has joined the big leagues and completely changed the space of cryptocurrency.

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Highlights In The Past 2 Years

Partnership With MetaMask

CoinSwitch partnered with MetaMask, the most popular Ethereum wallet that will allow users to buy Ethereum or convert 300+ coins into ETH and deposit it directly into the wallet. Over a million MetaMask wallet users will be able to receive deposits in almost every virtual major asset.

Partnership With Enjin

CoinSwitch partnered with Enjin to create a Unity-based payment gateway allowing users to exchange cryptocurrency at the best rates. Users will be able to exchange over 300 coins without leaving the Enjin wallet app.

Tie-Ups With Major Wallets

Exodus, Guarda and Trezor use CoinSwitch’s API for efficient cryptocurrency conversions.

Referral And Affiliate program

One of the reasons for CoinSwitch’s popularity is also its referral and affiliate program which works on a 25% revenue sharing model which can go higher in case of high volume transactions.

CoinSwitch’s All-In-One Approach

By aggregating the best exchange rates from Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin and Changelly, CoinSwitch allows its users to get the best exchange rate in one place. It tracks data across all the exchanges and filters the best options and users do not even need to set up an account.

User registration is not mandatory and all transactions can be carried out anonymously. There is no third-party wallet required for this. In fact, users can even use their credit card to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular coins.

Not only is CoinSwitch the go-to trading platform for experienced and new crypto enthusiasts, CoinSwitch has also expanded its B2B offering. The simple API integration allows any third party to offer CoinSwitch’s cobersion services on their site. This is a driving force for businesses to adopt cryptocurrency.

This opens up the gates to e-commerce solopreneurs, game developers and even social media influencers to use CoinSwitch to accept micropayments or tips for content or in exchange for goods. Traditional brick and mortar businesses can set up a crypto payment link to accept Bitcoin or other altcoins as well.

Projects That Use CoinSwitch API

  • Wiki Of Thrones

Not to mention, the abundance of resources that CoinSwitch has created to help out novice and experienced crypto users, it is easy to see why most of CoinSwitch’s traffic comes from Direct and Organic Searches.

These resources allow users to stay up to date with the latest news in the crypto space as well as guide them on how to invest their money in crypto coins and which coins are worth investing in. By doing away with the complexity of cryptocurrency, CoinSwitch is paving the way to a crypto-friendly market not just for user trading but also for businesses.

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