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As the 2020s begin to unfold, one of the key things that is evident in the financial sector is the role of technology. The last couple of years have been instrumental in creating a new world of disruption in this sector. Various startups have come up with forward-thinking ideas that have completely given the world a view of future possibilities.

The pace at which new startups in the financial realm might have slowed down a bit as the industry matures but this does not mean that there is a shortage of new exciting entrants. Let us take a look at some of the game-changing startups to look out for over the next couple of years.

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Currencycloud has been around since 2012. While this startup was deemed as an entrant in an already-saturated fintech niche, it has managed to prove it has its own market. The startup specializes in facilitating cross-border payments. When it was launched, it came into direct competition with top companies like Visa and MasterCard among others.

The startup has recently received a Series E funding to the tune of $80 million. With financial support continuing to stream in, Currencycloud is definitely a company to watch out for in 2020. The startup also has a huge backing from the community and it will continue to draw admiration from the right quarters.

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AlgoTrader AG

The trading realm continues to see new startups that are coming up with algorithms that allow for efficient trading. AlgoTrader AG is a Swiss startup that is providing traders with solutions for research and investment. The key feature that sets apart this startup from the rest is that it has come up with institutional-grade trading software.

The trading realm can often become complicated when a contango situation or backwardation occurs. AlgoTrader allows users to access various useful algorithms. The startup is already available to many clients around the world and it has expanded to 4 countries already.

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When it comes to growing small businesses, capital is the most important part for success. For the most part, access to capital is an excruciating affair for new businesses. Accessing capital without going through tons of processes and bureaucracy is almost unheard of. With iwoca though, all the difficulties involved in accessing capital are effectively removed.

This startup removes the commitments, fees, and agreements required to access capital. How do they do this? The company leverages on data available to them to remove the risks that are associated with lending. The startup has massive support and it recently received funding to the tune of $130 million. The startup is thus not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

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Another startup to watch out for is Bud. This company came into the limelight in 2019 when it received funding and support from major financial players. Goldman Sachs particularly rallied behind the startup and several other investors in the industry also contributed to the $20 million funding that the startup raised.

What is so exciting about this startup?

The main benefit that this startup brings to the market is simplicity. There are thousands of apps in the market today. You could end up downloading multiple apps to do simple financial tasks like payments and transactions. Bud is a wallet that acts as a single platform to manage all financial services.

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If there is one sector in the financial services realm that has remained largely unchanged – it is definitely business banking. Most business customers today still complain of the slow processes that define the sector. Things like bookkeeping are still rather manual in an era where other aspects of financial services have almost completely changed.

Tide is a startup that brings new tools for business banking customers. Not only does the startup come with new ways for doing mundane tasks like expense tracking, but it also introduces a visual aspect of tracking accounts. When a customer links their card, they can easily access tools for taking notes, attaching photos, and scanning to make financial tracking easier.

Other Startups To Watch Out For In 2020

Mojo Mortgages is a startup that provides tools for doing quick calculations and comparing rates in the mortgage market. If you’re into the capital markets, PrimaryBid is the startup to explore in 2020. The startup received €8 million funding and it serves thousands of private investors around the world.

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