Reviewing Bitcoin Revolution – Is It A Scam Or Legit

Automated trading systems surfaced online only a few years ago. Just recently, with the onset of crypto, they are becoming even popular. Meanwhile, traders are reaping thousands of dollars in daily profits on these platforms. Nonetheless, while most automated trading platforms are promising and authentic, a few of them are scams. We wrote this review to help our audience understand where Bitcoin Revolution sits.

Whether it’s a scam or an opportunity to earn more, there are several Bitcoin revolution reviews online, and we do not understand why you chose ours. Nonetheless, ours is to inform you all you need to know about the platform before making a suitable decision. We value our readers, and therefore, our suggestions are adequately tested and experimented with.

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Bitcoin Revolution – The official App trailer

Before we step ahead, Our Verdict summed up the Bitcoin Revolution as a wonderful trading software for both beginners and professional traders. Bitcoin revolution is a smart trading system that works automatically when buying and selling cryptocurrency pairs. In this guide, you will learn all the features and benefits of trading on the Bitcoin revolution. The platform is helping ordinary people make their way into the crypto market through bot trading. Watch the Bitcoin Revolution – The Official App Trailer.

Requires no skills or experience to use the platform. In fact, traders allege a 90% plus accuracy while trading bitcoins on the platform. The bitcoin revolution came into existence in 2017, after a team of already established brokers came together and promised to provide faster signals than any other platform. Join Bitcoin Revolution today

Is Bitcoin Revolution A Scam?

The platform is legit and licensed to operate in more than 150 countries. Additionally, it is well regulated to trade cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Revolution also has a 24/7 support system and excellent security measures to safeguard investor funds and data.

Furthermore, the platform has a success rate of 97%. Hence, despite the market’s volatility, you have a 97% chance to reap a profit. However, traders need to take into account the high volatility associated with trading complex assets like Bitcoin. The risk of loss is as high as the promise of profits.

Main Features Of Bitcoin Revolution

  • Profitability – Bitcoin Revolution claims once someone has familiarized themselves with the platform, there is a high chance of profitability. Amounting to at least $1000 in weekly profits.
  • Cryptocurrency Pairs – The platform provides a large variety of cryptocurrency pairs for trading. Besides Bitcoin, you can also trade Litecoin, Ripple, or Ethereum. Furthermore, you could pair the cryptocurrencies with either the US dollar or the Euro.
  • Withdrawal and Deposits – The platform is convenient for withdrawals as one could withdraw any amount of money at any given time.
  • Reliable User Verification – Verification is based on personal user information only, Just names, and you are good to go.
  • Reliable Brokers – Bitcoin revolution has partnered with a team of convenient brokers who traders can trust with their deposits’ safety.
  • Payouts – Bitcoin Revolution’s payout policy draws out an up to 72 hours payout duration. Your profits, once withdrawn, should be in your bank account within 72 hours.
  • Payment Methods – The platform’s payment methods include popular platforms such as Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, and PayPal.
  • Demo Account – The platform provides a demo account for beginners to familiarize themselves with the system. You can use the demo dollars to experiment with a simulation of the real crypto market.

Sign Up On Bitcoin Revolution Today And Start Winning

Bitcoin Revolution provides you a lucrative opportunity to make money on your behalf. You can remain attached to other engagements and log in daily to only withdraw your profits. Just a few minutes of your day to reap thousands of dollars. Join Now.

Trading On Bitcoin Revolution

Sign Up For An Account

Register on the official bitcoin revolution site using your full names, and you will instantly gain membership.

Deposit Funds

Deposit the amount you are investing in trading. The minimum deposit account is $250. It is a small amount that is favorable to the novice trader who could be experimenting with the market. You can make more deposits as you gain more experience.

Demo Account

Beginners should consider having a look at the demo account before starting a live trading session. Execute virtual orders, explore all the platform features, and learn new trading hacks using the demo account.

Live Trading

Once you have added funds and familiarize yourself with the platform, choose a trading method. There are two trading modes, assistance mode and manual mode. The assistance mode allows the system to place trades on your behalf. It is suitable for beginners.

Control Your Trades

Bitcoin Revolution allows users to control their trades. They can set and configure their own trading parameters. For example, which tokens to invest in every execution, and durational intervals between each trade.

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