What Is An Ethereum ETH Coin? – Top 10 Reasons You Should Invest In It

The pluses of Ethereum have made it so popular that it seems to take over the king of crypto — Bitcoin — and other coins. Officially, this crypto coin is called Ether, although colloquially, it is still named Ethereum.

Ethereum gives so much freedom to its users — it enables them to send funds across the world without any bank account, grows fast in its value, and it is one of the most convenient coins to use.

Ethereum is founded on the well-known Ethereum network, which means it is both a currency and a platform where developers can break free their potential in creating applications and even other crypto coins. Though it’s a little challenging to understand, you will get a grasp of it once you try Ethereum.

The programmed blockchain has grown in value since the year of its foundation — 2015. Though there is no guarantee it won’t fall, its value and reliability are considered the second-best after Bitcoin. The coin is exchanged far and wide, including reputable services, such as crypto online exchange LetsExchange — the non-custodial service where you can buy 200 crypto coins more.

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10 Key Reasons To Invest In Ethereum This Year

To make a long story short, let us look at the main arguments for buying Ethereum, which is incredibly rich in features.

1. Being Based On Blockchain

Though this can be said about practically any crypto coin, we should know that the blockchain technique backing up every coin is unique. What is more, your Ethereum will have a blockchain code unable to be copied, which protects it.

2. Open-Source Character

Being open-source means that any user can build blockchains and tokens. This characteristic is the reason why so many coins were created based on ETH.

3. The Ease Of Getting ETH

Today, services do a great job of exchanging if we take reputable places like the BTC to ETH converter LetsExchange.

Still, except for the services that exchange crypto, there are other popular sources. Platforms, such as PayPal, already support buying cryptocurrency with fiat money by only using its application.

4. Decentralization

Other promising crypto coins can be created based on Ethereum. Plus, you no longer need a bank to buy, sell, borrow, and earn your percent on Ethereum. In addition, the directory of DApps claims that over 80 percent of these apps are currently functioning on the Ethereum network.

5. Consistent Relevancy

Ever wondered why Ethereum remains a profitable investment? Smart contracts are the answer. Perhaps, this will have a more practical use for business owners or those chasing property, but with ETH, you can buy any kind of property without the fuss with legislation like using a lawyer’s services.

This makes a good option if you want a cost-effective solution. No third parties involved — no extra pays. In this feature, ETH overperforms Bitcoin.

6. Anonymity

Remaining private with ETH implies many things like not being associated with any previous transactions. Truth be said, this anonymity works only when you don’t tie your operations to a bank account where your ID is verified.

7. No Censorship

This is a benefit for those being members of ETH communities, which means greater freedom cause no words and moves are tracked.

8. Programmability

All agreements made in Ethereum are kept in the form of code with unlimited conditions or formats.

9. Stability

Ethereum is stable against any intrusions, and that is why it is used in many networks. On average, around 500,000 transactions happen with Ethereum daily. It also powers nearly 2,000 DApps.

10. Smart Contracts

These contracts can’t be modified, and they are kept under encryption without any third-party engagement.

All of these arguments make Ethereum an attractive crypto coin to consider this year and, perhaps, in a few more years to come.

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