Active Lines – How Many Of Them Will Make Slots Profitable?

Today hundreds of video slots and slot machines are offered by online casinos. It is often difficult for a novice player to navigate the video slots and choose the appropriate option. Today, we would like to talk about how many lines in slots are more profitable to play with? What will change if you choose pokies with a different number of active lines? Let’s find out.

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The Impact Of Active Lines On The Slot

Regular players know that more active lines affect the value of the total bet. In multiline pokies, the player needs to bet more because a large number of lines reduces the dispersion. Even a big win in one of the 100 active combinations in the slot machine will give a much smaller amount than the same payout when playing on 9 lines. In turn, if betting 10 euros on a multiline pokie or one with 9 lines, you place on each active line almost 15 times more in the second case. You can also take advantage of the free bonus buy slots at that are available for you.

Meanwhile, if we compare the multiline and ordinary slots, we will notice the following:

  • The dispersion of multiline slots is usually much lower;
  • The return cycle in ordinary slot machines is much longer;
  • During free games, the multiplier in multiline slots is usually higher.

Since we found that bets in the multi-line slots are distributed over a large number of lines, it will be more profitable to play ordinary pokies if a player prefers rare big wins and constant small winnings. Exceptions can be made for games with Wild and Scatter symbols. Having 2-4 of such symbols on the field can bring a huge payout.

Pros And Cons Of Multi-Line Slots

Starting with advantages, as a rule, these pokies provide more exciting gameplay. There are almost no situations when we do not receive a penny for 10-15 spins. During the bonus rounds, we get additional benefits and an increased multiplier. The dispersion of multiline slots is smaller, and the payback cycle is shorter.

What About Cons?

We will receive big winnings only in slots with 9-15 lines. Playing on 243 lines, we always expect a bonus or extra symbol. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to win big during the main game.


As you can see, players can choose exactly what gives them the most pleasure. Therefore, there is no clear answer to the question in the title. You will have to choose between a game with reduced dispersion in anticipation of the bonus game or a game with 9-15 active lines and the opportunity to win a large amount during the main round. Now, it is your turn to make a decision. Share your ideas on this topic with us in the comments.

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