Celebrate the Release of StarCraft II – Lego Style!

I used to be a huge gamer. During the summers when I was at university, my friends and I would stay up all night long for weeks playing video games. It was truly an obsession. We would only put our remotes down long enough to make a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese after we realized we hadn’t eaten for two days.

Nowadays, “life” tends to take priority over playing those games; however, I can still appreciate how much fun they still are. Apparently earlier this week, StarCraft II was released. I’ve caught a few emails about it from those friends.

According to this article on CNN, it lives up to what everyone’s been waiting for the past eleven years. Coinciding with this game’s release was the release of this completely geektastic stop-motion Lego tribute to the original. It was added on YouTube four days ago and already has over 410,000 views (at time of publishing). If you were a gamer back in the day like I was, you are going to love this!

[via kooberzstudios, CNN, geekologie]