Something Media’s YouTube Success: Cedrik Paré-Dufour Leads Dynamic Collaboration With Veshremy

Cedrik Paré-Dufour, the Co-founder and CEO of Something Media, is dedicated to achieving outstanding outcomes and boosting brand visibility on YouTube. The Something Media team focuses on improving its online presence and achieving measurable success, a commitment Cedrik Paré-Dufour emphasizes.

Something Media deeply understands YouTube’s complex dynamics, including its algorithms and ever-evolving trends. Their approach to client engagement is personalized, with carefully developed strategies tailored to each brand’s distinct identity, objectives, and target audience.

Something Media Cedrik Header Image


Cedrik Paré-Dufour’s close friend and co-founder, Gabriel Leblanc-Picard, also plays a vital role in the company’s operations. Together, they have developed Something Media into a leading force in the digital marketing industry. Their offerings include influencer marketing, targeted social campaigns, and complete community management to enhance every aspect of a brand’s YouTube presence.

Something Media has a strong history of successful influencer partnerships and measurable results from strategic efforts. Cedrik Paré-Dufour’s agency worked with well-known individuals like Veshremy, a famous YouTuber, from May 2022 to August 2023, showcasing their exceptional skills in social media content strategy.

With Cedrik Paré-Dufour at the helm and guidance from Gabriel Leblanc-Picard, the company exhibits outstanding marketing knowledge and a steadfast dedication to YouTube.

Cedrik Paré-Dufour has acknowledged the significant role of YouTube in empowering people during his entrepreneurial projects. By teaming up with Veshremy, Something Media put effort into developing a successful social media content plan that boosted the channel’s subscriber count to over 7 million and garnered over 2 billion views. This achievement resulted in the brand generating a substantial revenue of $4 million in under two years.

They were in charge of creating eye-catching thumbnail ideas for the Veshremy YouTube channel, and they analyzed and tracked how well the thumbnails were doing using YouTube analytics and other tools to improve click-through rates (CTR) and viewership.

They used data-driven information to make changes to improve video performance. They also stayed updated on the latest trends and subjects to keep thumbnails attractive and exciting for viewers.

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