The Best Two Minutes You’ll Ever Waste

Every now and then you see something that makes you think, “Huh, that was a complete waste of time, but it was totally worth it.” That is what you’ll be saying after reading this post.

According to what I’ve read, this video is, “Una ragazza di Brasille fa il balletto di Thriller con le sue dita,” which translates to “A Brazilian girl does the Thriller dance with her fingers.” She performed this on the Silvio Santos show which is apparently a variety show in Brazil.

You don’t have to speak the language in order to appreciate this finger maneuvering talent. Have you ever seen some fingers, in costume, perform Michael Jackson moves? I didn’t think so. You can’t dance like Michael Jackson? No worries, just learn how to finger dance and you’ll be even cooler.

This has to be one of the most creative things you can do with your fingers. I originally learned about this girl and her talent in a tweet from my dear friend Chris @The_Tech_Update. I don’t know how you find this crazy stuff, but I love it!