And All For The Love of Bacon!

Richard, Diana and I love bacon here at Bit Rebels. There are a lot of articles here about bacon. Tell me, who doesn’t love the meaty goodness? I particularly love waking up to the smell of bacon cooking. Eating it with eggs and toast, or better yet, French toast or waffles is a great morning. Plus, if you don’t want that much cholesterol, there are even lean options available.

I do not know exactly why we get so enamored with the meat called bacon, but I believe it’s the taste and the aroma it has once it hits the pan. One thing is for sure, so many companies are now leveraging on products that smell, look and taste like bacon. There is even bacon flavored lip balm! In this post I’ve featured bacon bubbles, bacon soap, gummy bacon and a plush toy that tells you he loves bacon. All these products are created for the love of bacon! Nom!

Bacon Bubbles Bubble gun shoots bacon-flavored bubbles

Bacon Soap – Looks and smells like bacon – but it’s a bar of soap, comes in a fancy tin

Gummy Bacon Looks like real uncooked bacon – but it’s candy!

My First Bacon – Huggable plush bacon for kids and kids at heart 8 and older.  Says “I’m bacon!” when you squeeze him.