11 Key Signs You Are Destined To Be A Scientist

Not everyone has their future career all planned out. Some will take years to figure out what they want to do in life. But, for others, there is only one spot for passion – science. The scientist signs that someone is into research will surface much sooner than you’d think. People will be checking out scientific essays examples to get the hang of the newest inventions, or drafting up science research essays before they even go to college.

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11 Signs That Show You Are Meant To Be A Scientist

Even in high school, some students are hooked on science. They can’t help but research scientific essay example online, read the latest books and news, and even think about what kind of invention they will come up with.

But, the question is, how do you know you are meant to be a scientist? What are the telltale signs? Here are some cool scientist signs you should definitely know about.

1. You Knew You Loved Science When The Kids In Class Asked You How Do You Spell Scientist

Getting excited about science is like talking about your favorite food. You’ve always been ahead of the game. When your friends asked you how do you spell scientist, you would already be thinking about the intricacies of scientific knowledge and the mysteries of the universe.

Reading free essay examples from Grades Fixer for your class, you would be expanding your knowledge every chance you’d get. No wonder why you’d be inspired to write your own essays and researching other study examples. It is a clear future sign scientist like yourself should know about.

2. Your Heroes Are Scientific Figures

Aside from writing science research essays, one of the most obvious scientific signs you are born to be a researcher is the people you admire. If your role models are people of renowned intellect and skills, like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, or Neil deGrasse Tyson, then you definitely have what it takes to achieve something in the field of science.

3. Going To A Science Trip Is Much Better Than Prom

Most people would jump at the opportunity to pick an outfit for prom, but not you. If the school offered you to take a trip to a research facility and take part in experiments, you wouldn’t think twice before taking it.

4. You Give Pep Talks To Your Lab Equipment

No, you are not crazy. If you are talking to your lab equipment, whether at school or home, you can’t help it, especially when the old one breaks or stops working. Imagine getting new, more expensive equipment. Wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes?

5. When A Toddler Asks You Why Is Fire Hot, And You Start Explaining Combustion Theory

No matter what kind of a simple question they’d ask, you will always end up explaining an elaborate theory. You can debate for hours on end without ever getting bored. This is a typical sign scientist has that shows you have a neck for research.

6. You Can’t Spell Simple Words, But, You Have No Problem With Ribonucleic Acid

Some people have no idea how do you spell scientist, but you are different. You may have an issue spelling some of the simplest words. But when it comes to scientific terms, you are good to go. You’ve seen them in so many science research essays that they’ve become a normal component of your vocabulary. It’s weird, yes, but who cares?

7. Every Time There Is Incorrect Fact In Movies; You Point It Out

Take Grey’s Anatomy, for example. If you’ve noticed any inconsistencies in biological facts or assessments, you’ve definitely pointed it out. For you, it’s hard to miss out on any inaccuracies. You can’t help but cringe every time you spot them. It’s just in your nature. Now, this is surely one of those scientist signs you shouldn’t ignore.

8. When One Example Is Not Enough To Prove A Point

It just doesn’t make any sense to use a single example to prove an argument. There has to be at least 3 of them. You are the most curious in the family, and you need multiple answers to prove a point. That’s the only way you are going to agree to end an argument.

9. You Love Challenges

It’s obvious that science will never be easy. Writing those science research essays can take forever, but you don’t mind it. In fact, you are more open to challenges than anyone else. You simply love the possibility to study all phenomena in the world and evaluate your knowledge. It’s just that curious blood in you that makes you productive.

10. You Can Come Up With 5 Different Ideas, And Forget Them By the End Of The Day

Your brain is working 24/7. When you are taking a shower, eating, walking, or even sleeping, you are constantly thinking of new ideas. But, just because you think so much, you always end up forgetting them.

11. You Use The Word “Aliquots” At Home

You can’t help but use aliquots at home. You’ve been using it so long when writing papers and reading scientific essays examples that have become normal. It is one of those words that go well with anything. But, then again, if people don’t get the meaning, it can be a little frustrating. So, you end up teaching everyone about it, just because you can.


Scientists are an enthusiastic bunch. For us, research is like magic, and we can’t help but ask questions and research the answers, even when it means staying up all night to find the results. When it comes to knowledge, there is no end to what we can do. But, man, sometimes, we can be super goofy, in the most positive way.

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