Best Places In India To Enjoy Winter

Winters tend to make the landscape picturesque and beautiful. North India is abundant with the presence of hill stations and astonishing scenery. With all of its beauty, India also provides for a chilling cold experience. There are a lot of places that offer beautiful destinations for sightseeing and adventure activities. A large fraction of Northern India gets covered by white snow, which makes it even more appealing.

With winter just lurking around the corner, we have compiled a list of beautiful places that can help you make these holidays a delightful one. The tourism in India is at its peak during the months of October, November, December, January, and February.

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The name Gulmarg means the meadow of flowers, and this beautiful meadow is located in the district of Baramula in Kashmir. The place is dotted with charming peaks and stunning greenery all around. In earlier times, this beautiful hill station acted as a pleasure resort for the kings and members of the royal family members.

Jahangir was also said to be a regular visitor, as were the Britishers as the place acted as the summer retreat for them. There are a lot of gardens with numerous flowers. The place experiences heavy snowfall during winters, which makes it a perfect place for skiing, and you can book tourist packages regarding the same.

Ladakh is a place full of passes, and most of them get closed during the winter months. This leaves people with only one option to reach there: a plane ride over the Himalayas and the clouds. Most of the treks get covered with heavy snow during the winter and remain inaccessible.

A few treks such as Chadar and Sham trek provide a great chance to watch the snow-clad peaks and quaint villages filled with monasteries. Ladakh makes for a beautiful place for the cultural experience and has homestays that offer excellent accommodation as well.

The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a hill station in the most genuine sense. There are a lot of hills that surround the area. Some of the important hills are Jakhu, Prospect Hill, Observatory Hill, Elysigim Hill, and Summer Hill. During the British Raj, Shimla acted as an essential winter holiday resort.

Adjoining the city of Shimla in Kufri, which is famous for an open-air ice rating rink and other snow adventure sports. There are a lot of other attractions as well, such as waterfalls, wildlife sanctuary, and orchards lush with apples, which make a strong case for you to visit Shimla.

The most striking feature that you will come across while you are in North Sikkim is the snow-clad mountains. The winters in Sikkim are really harsh, and the temperatures range from -5 to 10-degree celsius. The area receives considerably high rainfall, which in turn results in high snowfall, which causes the region to get shrouded in snow and provide an exceptional view of the area.

Various lakes, which include the famous Tsogmo Lake, get frozen due to the extreme weather conditions. There are a lot of places that call for a visit when you are in Sikkim, such as Gurudongmar Lake, Teesta River, along with the various festivals that the region is famous for.

Auli is famous for the ski resorts and natural habitat. There are a lot of peaks that provide impressive views of towering mountain ranges like Nanda Devi, Mana Paravat, and Kamat Kamet. There are apple orchards and groves of pine trees.

It is one of the first, and foremost location for people who are looking to ski and the long stretch of snowy valleys make it perfect for a skier. You can click beautiful pictures while enjoying mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets and make the best out of this quaint place.

The city of lakes, or as it is usually called, Nainital, is one of the favorites haunts for tourists during winters. You can sit quietly and watch the picturesque Himalayas or enjoy in the vicinity of lakes. The place is easily accessible via road from Delhi and Dehradun. There are a lot of attractions such as Nainital Lake, Naina Peak, and Nainital Zoo that make a visit to Nainital worth the while.

Apart from it, you can enjoy a plethora of activities in Nainital, such as long treks to nearby mountains, horse riding, boating in the lake, and a visit to the historic Gurney House, which was home to Jim Corbett. During winters, you can experience snowfall there, which further adds to the beauty of the place.

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