How Ebola Spreads And How To Prevent Getting Infected [Infographic]

Each and every day we are bombarded with news about the Ebola virus. Statistics vary and breaking news are rewritten seemingly every hour. For many, it’s a worrying development to see the virus jump quarantine borders and the rumors of how it spreads gets more outlandish for each that goes by. The question on everyone’s mind is probably why we don’t have a cure for the virus yet and of course if you can do something to prevent it.

What makes Ebola such a frightening virus is that the symptoms are so unforgiving and that 50-90% of the victims infected with the virus die. It takes the virus anywhere from two to twenty-one days to show signs of symptoms and there is currently no treatment.

An article published by The Disease Daily said that National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba has managed to cure Ebola in four macaque monkeys by administrating a new drug that uses the antibodies in the protein found on the shell of the Ebola virus. By blending it into a cocktail and administrating it within 24 hours after the macaque monkeys were infected, they all survived. However, when administrated within 48 hours, only 2 of the four macaque monkeys survived. Though the cure is still in its infancy, it’s a huge step towards a working drug that might cure Ebola in humans.

The Ebola virus is spreading; no one can deny that. However, there are things that you can do to prevent getting infected. I recently stumbled over a pretty straight forward, yet information-packed infographic created by Katja Mischke and RAJ, that will help you understand the way Ebola spreads and how you, through simple sanitary procedures, can prevent getting infected.

Most viruses can be prevented through basic hygiene, and Ebola is no exception. Many people believe that Ebola spreads through the air however that is not true. Ebola spreads through contact only. Any contact with infected foods, stool or urine, blood or an infected human or animal can infect you with Ebola. What most people don’t know is that there are five types of the Ebola virus, each with different death rates. The Zaire type is the most deadly with up to 68% of the victims infected dying.

Have a quick look at the infographic and calm your fears. It’s by educating ourselves that we stay safe and more easily understand the workings of the things that seem frightening to us. Ebola is a scary and unforgiving virus, but there are ways to prevent getting infected.

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