It’s Not A Horror Flick, It’s The Bugs On Your Body

I’m completely skeeeeeeved out right now. I know that technically human beings are animals, and just like other animals, we have parasites and symbiotic relationships with certain bugs that like to hang out on our skin. We all know that somewhere in the backs of our minds, right?

When you watch the video below, try to remember that it isn’t a horror movie even though it looks like one. It is a microscopic look at all the creatures that live in the zoo of our skin (and that’s just on the outside of our bodies!). Everybody has bugs living in the roots of their eyelashes, everyone has dust mites in their bed that eat their skin cells and everyone has fungi growing in their hair.

Although I find this video disturbing on many different levels, there are two particular statements that the woman says which stayed with me. She said, our body is a “complex ecology that supports a wide variety of life” and “at any given time there are as many creatures on our bodies as people on the earth.” Okay, that seals the deal; I’m never kissing another person again. Apparently I’ve got billions of guests vacationing on my body as it is, I certainly don’t need anymore. We are not alone. #germophob

[via Nuclear Toast]