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This year’s Black Friday has shown that consumers are just as excited about discounts as before. Today, increasing numbers of people prefer digital shopping to the hassle of old-school door-busting. However, deals and reductions still determine their purchasing decisions. Retailers will always come up with deals to keep their customers interested.

Until recently, keeping track of all valuable offers in one’s geographic area was problematic. You would need to subscribe to dozens of newsletters from favorite brands. Discounts were easy to overlook. Luckily, today, Rabato.com/us/ makes it possible to never miss a great bargain again.

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The Urge To Save

Humans often choose instant gratification over long-term benefits. However, hunting for discounts is part of responsible consumer behavior. Why splurge on an item when you could wait for a big sale and get it at half the original price? In the past, people used to clip coupons they found in newspapers. Today, when almost every aspect of our lives is digitized, retail deals are no exception. And sites with weekly ads facilitate saving.

Why Rabato?

Rabato collects weekly flyers and offers from top retailers in many popular segments. Hence, just by visiting a single website, you get information about all the relevant deals. Moreover, users who subscribe to the Rabato newsletter add the convenience of receiving messages jam-packed with special offers.

Thus, instead of an avalanche of emails, you need only one subscription. Here are some of the categories present in the catalog. As the service is developing and growing, news brands and stores are being added.

At the moment, you can easily find deals for:

  • Groceries,
  • Electronics,
  • Household goods,
  • Electronics,
  • Medicine,
  • Sports equipment,
  • Furniture.

Comprehensive Approach

Rabato’s main competitive advantage is its focus on providing an all-in-one destination for discount hunters. Rather than scouring the Internet for relevant deals, you can see them all on one platform. From groceries to DIY tools, there is something for everyone.

What makes the process even more simple is the company’s presence on social media. Follow their accounts on Facebook and have dozens of hot deals delivered right to your newsfeed. Since many people are on social media 24/7, this means new offers are spotted as they arrive.

How It Works

For instance, you may be a regular customer of Target or Walmart. Weekly flyer collection on Rabato tells you about their current deals, and the pages are linked to the retailers’ digital catalogs. Thus, you can browse through the offerings, pick the ones you like and place an order on the seller’s website.

And if you feel like staying in instead of going to the store, you can always request home delivery. Overall, saving on shopping is much easier and quicker. The world has been waiting for a platform like this, and it has finally been launched.


Save even more with special deals delivered by Rabato. From necessities to luxuries, the weekly ads supply you with hot offers as soon as they arrive.

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