The Rubber Duck That Spreads Happiness (It Weighs Over 1,000 Pounds)

We all remember King Kong right? Well now there is a huge development in Hong Kong, and this is no monkey either. It’s a duck… at 46 feet tall by 55 feet long, this rubber duck weighs more than 600 kg (about 1,322 pounds). The gargantuan duck is the work of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman whose other projects include a Big Yellow RabbitMickey the PigMacaco Gordo or Fat Monkey and the Mirror wall (don’t go out jogging in Florentijn Hofman’s forest in the Beverwijk region).

According to Florentijn, the rubber duck knows no frontiers. Being a duck with a smile on it’s face, it doesn’t discriminate against anyone. It also doesn’t have any political connotations. Further he states that the friendly, floating rubber duck contains healing properties. This is plain to see in the pictures below. Take a look and feel the tension drain from your body. Seriously, have a look and you will immediately feel relaxed – also notice the slight smile on your face. The rubber duck exudes a soft friendly character that anyone of any age can connect with.

The duck is also a well-travelled one. It has been floating around in various cities since 2007 and has been seen in St. Nazaire, Sao Paulo, Auckland, Hasselt, Osaka and Hiroshima, Sydney, Nürnberg and Amsterdam, just to name a few places. Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour will host the rubber duck until the 9th of June. Florentijn describes his floating sculpture as a “very positive artistic statement that immediately connects people to their childhood.” I know that my kids love playing with bath toys, and a collection of rubber ducks is a favorite of my daughter.

I have to admit that there is definitely something uplifting about seeing a bright yellow rubber duck contrasted against the large backdrop of a city like Hong Kong. I also feel that this work of Florentijn is meant to do more than just provide a laugh and a smile. It embodies something more than just a whole lot of air. I believe that it brings us back to a time, if only for a moment in a person’s busy day, where we are still unhurried and slow to anger. It’s a moment when we can stand still and remember what it is like to be free.

The Huge Rubber Duck Spotted In Hong Kong

front view of large duck

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Duck

World's Largest Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck Entering Harbour

Tug towing large rubber duck

People Posing with Rubber Duck

Image Credits: [The Japan Times] [Bored Panda]