Here Are The Ways In Which You Can Workout On A Treadmill

The world is growing bigger and better, and the best thing I like about the present era is the increasing awareness of fitness among people. Now some like going to a nearby park every morning or evening for a job or exercise in the open park gym while others like to hit the gym regularly.

Either way, it is a good habit. Talking about fitness, I can recall the times when I started my fitness journey. It was way back in 2014, and I weighed 95 kgs. So, I took membership in a nearby gym and started my workout sessions in full swing.

I performed routine workouts for around two years of span, and in the middle of 2016, I started exploring different kinds of exercises.  That’s when I found out many crazy yet intense forms of workouts. I started with Tabata and Crossfit and took it to Calisthenics and practicing different forms of workouts on a treadmill.

Well, here, I am going to share my different treadmill workouts. Also, if you love hitting the gym regularly or run on a treadmill at home, you may try these amazing workouts too. Not only will these make your workout sessions exciting, but it will also help you in getting a better and stronger body. So, let’s roll.

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1. Walking Lunges

Usually, making walking lunges in your gym area seems quite an impossible task. Since there is never enough room and the girl with a phone in her hand has no clue that she is standing in your way. So, performing lunges on a treadmill not only helps you in getting rid of such obstacles but also enables you to get the most out of every leg-burning lunge.

To do: Start with standing on your feet hip-width apart and set the speed of your treadmill between 1 and 3 mph. Now keep your hands clutched at chest level while putting your right step forward and lowering your body until you find your right knee at 90 degrees.

The next step is to get your body up and move the other foot in the forward direction to ensure that you move forward with alternating steps. You may set the treadmill at an incline of 5 percent to focus on your hamstrings and glutes.

2. Walking Plank

When it comes to plank, many people consider it a tough exercise. Well, it is one but not exactly how people see it. So, if you find the traditional plank tough, try this one. Here, the front of your shoulders comes into work, and your stabilizer muscles work harder.

To do: The first thing to do to perform this form of the plank is to set the speed of your treadmill to 1 to 2 mph. Now, follow up by getting your body into the plank position while keeping your hands on the side of the base of the treadmill. Make sure you keep your body in a straight line while placing your hands on the treadmill band, and start moving them in the forward direction.

3. Mountain Climber (Reverse)

A traditional mountain climber puts your entire body into work. But, this is not how it goes in this variation. Here, the main focus goes on kicking your legs back while driving your knees in. So, if you are trying to shape up your backside, then this workout is right for you.

To do: Set your treadmill to 1 to 2 mph, walk behind the treadmill, set your body in a plank position with your feet on the sides of the treadmill base, and hands-on the floor. Now when you are all set, start by bringing your feet onto the treadmill band while driving one knee towards your chest and extending the other leg backward.

4. Treadmill Push

Well, it is a very challenging exercise to perform on a treadmill. By turning your treadmill off and running in the forward motion, you can accomplish this. While you perform this exercise, make sure that the belt of your treadmill moves when it is turned off.

To do: Switch the treadmill off and pull out the emergency tag. Now, stand on the treadmill while holding its handles with a firm grip, and making sure to keep your elbows bent a little. Now, try and run forward and push the treadmill belt back with your feet.

5. Crab Walk

With everything advancing at a high pace and much more interesting than ever, why keep your workout sessions outdated? With crab walk, you can make your workout sessions killer, and doing crab walk on a treadmill will make your triceps, core, hamstrings, and glutes work like crazy while leaving them burning.

To do: Set your treadmill to 1 to 2 mph and get in the crab position. Keep your hands on the side of the base of the treadmill while your back faces the ground. Make sure that you keep your hips elevated and feet flat on the floor. Now, place your hands on the treadmill belt and start by moving them in the forward direction.

6. Side Shuffle

Side shuffles work on your inner as well as outer thigh while toning your calves. Also, it is considered a form of cardio too.

To do: Stand on your treadmill in a sideway direction by keeping your knees bent a little. Now, set the speed of treadmill in between 3 to 5 mph and perform side shuffles. Always remember to land safely on the balls of your feet while performing this exercise.

7. Incline Pushups

 You will never have to look up for a bench to perform incline pushups again because you can easily do the same on your treadmill.

To do: Turn off your treadmill and stand on the side base placing your hands on top of the handles. Make sure to align your body from your heels to the head. Now bend your elbows and perform the incline pushup variation by bringing your chest down to touch the bars of the handle of your treadmill. Take a moment and then push your body back up. Remember to keep your elbows tight to place an impact on your triceps.

Wrapping It Up

There is no denying the fact that doing regular workouts keeps a person fit, but one can also not say no to the fact that doing the same exercises for a long time makes one feel bored. Well, if you too are troubling with a monotonous workout regime, then adding the treadmill workouts as mentioned above, in your workout session will be a great choice to twist your regime and excitingly maintain your fitness.

What If I Do Not Go To The Gym Or Own A Treadmill?

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