Instagram Growth With Combin – Best Instagram Research Tool 2020

Do you know where your users reside? Are they males or females? What do they like on Instagram? And in real life? Do they understand English? If you do not understand these fundamentals about your viewers, how do you compare these, find similar ones, plan your campaigns and setup related posts?

Have you ever noticed something on Instagram, which made you believe the individual who places it was reading your thoughts? They spoke your language. It felt as though they knew exactly what you were thinking…

And they obviously did. They did the study to learn what their target audience was believing and generated the content they knew would resonate with their audience. If you resonate with your audience, you can sell goods, create your audience list faster, and join them on a deeper level.

So what’s the secret sauce? How do you read your viewer’s thoughts as an Instagram account manager,  so that you may generate content to fascinate them? This is Combin Growth that will help you do exactly that.

Grow your Instagram with Combin Growth, an Instagram marketing tool packed with essential features for analysis, audience targeting, user engagement, and management. It also draws new followers and builds a dependable community on your accounts.

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1. Find Who Doesn’t Follow You Back

Combin Growth tracks the list of your account’s Instagram followers and shows you who does not commonly follow back your Instagram account. From which you may choose some or all profiles that are no longer interested in your profile and set a task for unfollowing them. While Combin Growth deals with these unfollowers, it frees your time for the engagement with new users.

2. Monitor Your Instagram Audience Quality

Combin Growth replaces interaction with low-quality, and inefficient Instagram accounts with your existing and potential audiences. Avoid spending the limited number of activities allowed by Instagram on spam user’s accounts, online stores, actors, and other accounts that cannot provide qualitative business. Filter the irrelevant profiles outside and reach out to actual, potentially interested Instagram users only.

3. Find Target Audience On Instagram

Combin Growth searches for publications of your potential followers by location or hashtag, combines hashtag and place search inquiries, uses hashtags and locations within a search. Search profiles among the following and followers of your Instagram account’s competitors. Find accounts that enjoyed and commented on posts and profile, find interesting profiles by bio keywords.

4. Find Instagram Influencers For Your Account

You can raise your brand awareness and accelerate sales by finding Instagram influencers and collaborating with them. Just define the language, gender, and audience volume of influencers’ accounts. Use four available influencer search strategies, advanced filtration, and sorting to hunt out the influencer for your advertisement. Preview the profiles right in-app before calling the influencer.

5) Monitor Your Audience Activity And Growth

Improve your Instagram marketing by analyzing the growth and performance reports and adjusting your approach. Learn how many likes and comments your accounts left and received over different periods. Track followers’ count change and determine precisely when and how many accounts followed or unfollowed you.

Conclusive Thought

Combin Growth is one of the most powerful tools with both free and paid versions. It’s something that every advertiser should use. This can help you fill in the gaps and provide you with information regarding the audience you want.

When it comes to marketing research, you won’t need to shell out money and funds on focus groups and research. With millions of profiles/advertisers on Instagram with Combin Growth, you can find a unique method for targeting that could give you a real advantage over your competitors.

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