10 Must-Have Tools For Your Car Maintenance

When talking about different machines used by the majority of us come with the bound commitment of maintaining them for better performance through the years. It is not that difficult to maintain things you use only on a daily basis if you have set a schedule for each throughout the month. All you need to do is keep the practice religiously active.

Anyways, the most frequently and strenuously used machine is our car that helps us commute with ease from one place to another for the smallest little runarounds. A well maintained and cared car will prove to be the best partner else you may suffer from high repair costs if kept at the bottom of the priority list.

Having said that, you surely need to save some money to maintain your cars by investing in some essential tools and do the repairs yourself with utmost love and vigilance of your moving partner. The vital tools that one must have in their garage at all times are:

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1. Jack Stands

Jack stand is mandatory to have in each and every vehicle since it is used to suspend the car to change the deflated tires. This particular tool is merely unavoidable to carry because a tire can go flat anywhere anytime, so it is better to be safe. There is a variety of jack stands available in the market to make the selection from.

2. Wheel Chocks

These are basically wheel stoppers that keep the car fixed at a point while repairs are done at the underside of the vehicle. These are extremely important since they give you protection while maintenance is in process. 

3. Tire Iron

It is also called lug wrench and is another most commonly used tool for tire changing activity. It is mainly used to loosen and tighten lug nuts, although it is advisable to use torque wrench along with it to secure the nuts with the required amount of rotation force.

4. Car Ramps

Many of us get confused while comparing the effectiveness of car ramps and jack stands, whereas their purpose of usage entirely depends on the nature of maintenance you are going for. Car ramps are essential for those who love to do oil changing and underneath servicing of the car. Furthermore, click on car ramps vs jack stands for in-depth details.

5. Tire Inflators

Tire inflators are perfect for maintainers who are crazy to keep their cars up to the mark at all times. This will help you regulate the right pressure in the tires, increasing the life of the tire.

6. Jumper Cables

This tool is highly beneficial in situations where your battery goes down and needs a jump start to get your car torched up. Jumper cables are ideal for adding to your collection to escape unwanted sticky situations.

7. Torchlight

Sudden car breakdown can occur at any point in time if encountered by any such situation a torchlight will be a great blessing for you. Make sure to have one at all times.

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