$8 Million Dollar iPad 2 Incorporates Dinosaur Bones

There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t hear about some overly exclusive new technology or customization that only a few select people have the cash to be able to own. I remember a few months ago when we heard about someone purchasing a $1 million dollar iPhone 4, and that person decided not to use it. Sure, if it cost that much it’s probably not going down into your jeans pocket or crammed into your overly packed purse. It’s probably going to end up in some vault somewhere never to be seen again until the day comes when the person who bought it starts running out of cash. That is usually the case with these people, and you can easily see why.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to pocket a hefty dollar sign on your bank account, maybe you would be interested in acquiring the latest and probably the most expensive iPad 2 to date. It is a golden one graced with diamonds. But that’s not all! It also incorporates dinosaur bones as the home button. The price for this badboy is a whopping $8 million dollars. So, if you have all the toys you can ever think of and are still looking for more, this is probably the little gadget for you.

Don’t let the price tag scare you off though. It’s only $8 million after all. It’s enough to buy you a really nice house in Los Angeles or an exclusive flat in New York. This blinged out iPad 2 is created by Stuart Hughes, and it will most likely get the attention that all of these gadgets get. However, there is always a tomorrow, and that means someone else is going to steal the spotlight making this customized gadget a memory in a vault somewhere, if even that. Cool? Hell yes. Fathomable? Not really…

8 Million Dollar iPad 2

8 Million Dollar iPad 2