Will Mozilla Firefox Keep Your PC Safe Enough?

These days, more and more people are concerned about their privacy while working online. Every web browser defines users’ privacy differently. The Mozilla Firefox web browser respects users’ privacy above all.

Once Firefox Free Download process is complete, and the browser is installed on your computer, automatically you get powerful protection of your privacy. Users of Mozilla Firefox products gain access to many features, which allow you to stay safe and smart while being online.

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Once You Have Joined Firefox, Here Is What You Get Automatically

Use Firefox Monitor To Watch Your Account Breaches

Nowadays, new data breaches are presented to people. That is why Mozilla Firefox partnered with a powerful team of online security experts. This will help you get informed every time your personal data has been exposed.

The Firefox Monitor feature allows users to check the email address to get up-to-date information regarding past breaches. You can sign up to get any kind of ongoing alerts. Once you have joined Mozilla Firefox, it becomes very easy to monitor several email addresses, keep an eye on the dashboard for all your personal/business accounts, monitor and receive on-time alerts regularly.

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Users Can Take Passwords Anywhere Using The Lockwise Feature

In order to keep yourself fully protected while being online, safe passwords should be the first line of defense. However, we all know that a strong password is quite complicated to remember, and also it takes a long time to retype every time. In such a situation, Mozilla Firefox has a great Firefox Lockwise feature to manage your passwords.

It will memorize all your passwords. You can be sure that they will be kept them safe thanks to special coding. You can take your passwords everywhere and on every device, either your smartphone, desktop computer, or your tablet and desktop. It supports Windows, Android, and iOS.

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The Pocket Feature Will Trade All Fake News For High-Quality Content

It is not a secret that the internet is overloaded with fake news or websites which you do not want to fall into and have problems. Pocket is an excellent feature of Mozilla Firefox, which is designed to help users make the most of their reading time by surfacing the high-quality content they were looking for on the internet.

You will be directed only to legit sources making your reading experience pleasant and efficient. You can listen to different articles on your commute, as well as it is possible to take your reading offline, find stunning videos, etc. Sometimes, it is a real blessing to find a quiet space on the internet for your own pleasure.

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The Firefox Send Feature Will Help You Share Large Files Securely

When we have to share extensive data online, we want to stay private. Using Firefox Send, you can share up to 1GB. Your data will be securely encrypted. No one will see what you send to other people.

In case you want to send bigger files up to 2.5GB, we recommend you to set expiration dates on download links, double your security by adding a password. After these manipulations, you can file links from any device you use.

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You Get Access To Sync Your Browsing History

We use Mozilla Firefox on different devices. Mozilla Firefox is a rare browser, which can synchronize a browsing history, preferences, and bookmarks without risking your privacy. Such great results are achieved thanks to private encryption. You just need to sign in to your Firefox account and synchronize all your browsing data across the devices you use regularly.

In our modern world, knowledge is your most significant power. We encourage you to keep on learning everything possible about staying safe online. Mozilla Firefox was designed by a community of users. There are many volunteers from different countries who do not stop to contribute to the code of the Mozilla browser.

Thanks to this devoted community, Firefox keeps the internet open, safe, and accessible to everyone. The team of developers takes users’ privacy seriously. By joining Firefox, you will get the respect and confidentiality you deserve from one of the best technology companies. Stay open to new tech knowledge if you do not want to find problems online.

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