Extreme Origami – 1,000 Newspaper Cranes In One Dress

Outlandish and trendy fashion is so much fun, isn’t it? All you fashionistas out there know that the recycled look is hot right now, and this dress is gorgeous and funky.

What could be more beautiful than a dress handmade from 1,000 cranes folded a’la origami style from newspapers? You’ll notice, there is even a peacock style train on the back. What a creative design! It’s nice to see something fun being made with recycled old-fashioned newspapers for a change.

This dress, created by Yuliya Kyrpo, is part of the Trash Fashion Show going on right now at the London Science Museum. Many people wonder if this is a tribute to Sadako Sasaki. Remember her? She was the 11-year-old girl who became diagnosed with Leukemia after the atomic bomb was dropped near her home in Japan. Her dream was to fold 1,000 paper cranes. She was only able to fold 644 before she died. Her friends carried out her wish and folded the remaining 356 cranes.

[via treehugger]