Geek Girl Fashion – An Earbud Inspired Brass Bracelet

We’ve featured enough geeky girl jewelry here on Bit Rebels for you to fill your sweetheart’s jewelry box. All girls love jewelry, right? The difference is, geek girls love jewelry that is inspired by their favorite video games, gadgets and other geek girl treasures.

The piece of jewelry I’m sharing with you today is earbud inspired! This is called an MP3 Accessory Bracelet. How cool is that? I would love to have this polished brass bracelet that looks like a pair of earbuds coiling up my arm. It even has the plug on the other end! According to the website, “this Monserat De Lucca bracelet does for fashion what music does for your ears!” Geek girls love their music, so this will no doubt be a hit! You can order one for your girl here.

[via geek sugar]