Here’s An Easy Way To Design Your Own Watch!

I like customization. I guess everyone who wants to be unique does too. Have you ever gone to a place and seen someone wearing the same outfit that you are wearing? I have, and it was a pretty funny experience. People were staring at us. I really did not mind it at all considering that it was my sister who wore the exact same t-shirt dress that I was wearing.  Of course we can’t just throw the dress away because it was an exact copy. What’s the solution? Accessorize!

I know a lot of people like adding their personal touch to the things they own like their gadgets, cell phones and computers. People like adding decals and stickers. For fashion, people usually add accessories, and some even go so far as to make them. What if you are a watch collector or simply a watch lover? There is a perfect watch available called the Draw Your Own Design Watch. The strap is plain white, and you can use a regular pencil, marker or colored pencil to draw on it. It’s a great way to wear your art everyday! It also makes a perfect gift for your friends who love to design their own accessories or for any artists in your family. I know I would love to own one!

Main Image Source [Valerie Potapova / Shutterstock]