Photography | The Last Thing You’ll See Before You Die

After I watched my father die a few years ago, I became fascinated with death for a while. I wondered if he really saw his life pass before his eyes before he died, and if in that brief moment those memories felt good, boring, exhilarating… What does a person feel in those last few seconds? Perhaps it’s just a bunch of erratic brain activity that means nothing.

It reminds me of Chris Milk’s 42 second profound film entitled “Last Day Dream” which you can watch by clicking here: This 42 Second Flick Will Make You Think I’m pulling something out of the archives to share with you today. held a photography contest where people submitted photos that would fit the caption, “The last photograph you will ever take.” The creativity, Photoshop skills and ingenuity these amateur photographers showed in this contest was inspiring to me then and is still thought provoking to me now. These photographs never get old for me. There are hundreds in this collection, and I just pulled out my favorites to share with you here today. I hope you like them!