“Star Wars: A New Hope” All In A Facebook Thread

Which of the Star Wars movies is your favorite? I love asking people that question because I think you can tell a lot about someone by how they answer. My favorite is, without a doubt, The Empire Strikes Back. A close second though is A New Hope (the very first one released back in 1977).

I specifically remember when I saw A New Hope for the first time, and I also remember how much everyone around me loved it as much as I did. The funny thing is, I still love Star Wars as much today as I did when I was six years old. Every time I watch one of those movies, it’s just as magical as the time before.

I think I have every line of A New Hope memorized. It’s a classic in a category of it’s own. Whether you like Star Wars or not, you just can’t mess with something that legendary. However, have you ever wondered what it would be like if that same story was released today? What if the characters used the same language that we use in social media? It’s kind of strange to think about. It’s like mixing oil and water. It just doesn’t seem right. I wish I knew who wrote this Facebook thread because they definitely deserve some props. This is the entire New Hope Star Wars movie as told on Facebook.

There is something bizarrely interesting about seeing Chewbacca type “WTF” and Princess Leia call Han Solo a dick. I think my favorite of all is seeing Ben Kenobi type, “Nah man, use the force.” It’s all kinda weird, but definitely good for a giggle. Enjoy!

[via Dorkly]