Everyone’s Gone Gaga For Lady Gaga

What is the deal with Lady Gaga? It seems like we can’t get enough of her. Here in the states, you hear her music everywhere you go. People in the media are constantly talking about her.

Then, yesterday, I saw this video below for the first time and suddenly it all made sense. She is theatrical and colorful, a true artist. She has that unique talent of giving you something fabulous to look at while singing a great song. She tells a story. And, it is obvious that she is very inspired by fashion.

Her birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and believe it or not, she is only 23 years old. Until recently, the only thing I knew about her was her famous cover on Rolling Stone magazine earlier this year where she was wearing only plastic bubbles. She is a natural brunette, but colors her hair blonde because she was often mistaken for Amy Winehouse.

According to http://www.mtv.com, she said, “When I’m writing music, I’m thinking about the clothes I want to wear on stage. It’s all about everything altogether—performance art, pop performance art, fashion. For me, it’s everything coming together and being a real story that will bring back the super-fan. I want to bring that back. I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us.”

This short movie/video has a very Madonna/Michael Jackson feel to it, and it already has over 16 million views. I’d say she is well on her way to achieving her goal!