Do I Need A Fire Warden?

Understandably, workplaces are more prone to catch fire even when there is a minor shot circuit. Many electrical wirings are pretty dangerous for the workplace. Sometimes, the systems on the work stations are connected with the main wire.

So if there is a shot in any of the wires if the system, there are chances that all the systems can explode one by one, causing a disaster in the office. There are several similar cases in the majority of the workplaces that have to end up catching colossal fire.

The entire business is put into risk, and the entrepreneur has to face all the losses. If the fire has been detected in the factory due to any damage in the machinery or equipment, then the entire production department is put into danger. Not only this, but the life of the workers are even put at risk.

To protect businesses and all its activities, there has been legislation made by the Government to eliminate the risk of fire. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss in detail why the employers must hire a responsible employee and a team who can reduce the risk of fire and protect the business from such damages.

Fire wardens are given this responsibility to implement protection techniques to reduce fire risks. This is a team of professionals who are provided with specialized training to protect the firms. So if you are still wondering whether you need a fire warden or not, then make sure to read this article in detail.

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Businesses Are In Some Serious Risk Due To Fire

Sadly, it is reported that almost every year, there are about 22,200 fires caught at workplaces and have caused about 17 deaths of the poor employees. It is even proved statistically that around 5000 cases of fire are deliberately set and are smartly narrated as an accidental fire in the workplace.

These facts make it quite understandable for us to realize how essential fire wardens are for our firm. Even if the entrepreneur owns are a small business, it is always recommended to hire a team of professional fire wardens.

This is because there are specific preventive measures assured by the trained professional. These measures are taken to reduce the risk of fatalities, property damage, injuries, and damage to stock or equipment.

The Role Of A Fire Warden

If you think that the role of fire wardens is always the same, then you are mistaken. The roles vary according to the size of the firm, the workforce structure, and the entire layout of the firm. But before going into the details of the fire wardens’ responsibilities, there is one standard and the basic role that all fire wardens have to ensure.

They need to be efficient enough in the evacuation process if there is any uncertainty. The team is even responsible for developing plans and strategies for the evacuation process. Other than these, a few other responsibilities are as follows:

Inspecting The Fire Alarms

Most of the time, there are fire sensors installed in the ceiling of the workplaces, but they fail to work on time. That is why fire wardens are hired to, first of all, make sure that all the fire alarms and the sensors are functioning perfectly.

Keep A Check On The Emergency Exits

Just like the fire alarms, the emergency exits are also jammed most of the time. As they are not frequently used, so there are chances that the doors do not open on time. The fire wardens are there to make sure that all the doors and the exits are clear.

Availability And Accessibility Of Fire Extinguishers

The fire extinguishers should be accessible by every employee of the company. The fire wardens have the responsibility to check that they are readily available.

Checking Of Fire Doors

Most importantly, the fire wardens are responsible for checking the fire doors. They need to make sure that they can be opened easily on time, without any obstacle in between.

The function Of Emergency Light

Just like the sensors, the emergency light should be checked frequently so that there are no fatalities or injuries occurred.

Safety Signs

They should be efficient enough to train the employees by telling them about the safety signs and explaining to them what they should be doing at the time of emergency. There are several other responsibilities of fire wardens that help the entrepreneurs and the employers know the importance of hiring them. So be a smart employer, and do not hesitate to take a step.

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