iKey Wearable Rugged Keyboard

Who would think that even keyboards can be worn now.  Why do so? For the serious gamers and for those who need to be mobile this cool gadget can be really handy.  iKey’s rugged AK-39 keyboard is designed to be worn on the arm, providing a simple, compact data-input solution that does not restrict the user’s arm movements. It is designed to meet MIL-461 standards and is intended for use in very harsh electro magnetic interference (EMI) environments. The AK-39’s small-footprint design features essential components for military and public safety applications, including an integrated Force Sensing ResistorTM (FSR) pointing device with left- and right-click functionality, and adjustable green LED backlighting that is also available in a night vision (NVIS) compatible configuration. Designed with gloved users in mind, the AK-39’s snap-on faceplate eliminates accidental key strokes and can be easily removed to clean the pad.


  • Integrated FSR pointing device
  • Optional NVIS Compliant – Green B backlighting
  • USB configurations available
  • Wearable design