The Geek’s Dream Multi-Outlet Socket System

No wonder this little concept design has taken the Internet by storm over the past few days. It’s colorful, it rotates, and best of all, it snaps together like a bunch of Lego bricks. This is perfect for any geek!

Designers Cheng-Hsiu Du and Chyun-Chau Lin created this ingenious system called “Rotating 360°.” As recently as this morning, I struggled to bend and stretch a plug to fit properly into a multi-outlet socket that was almost full. We all go through that almost daily, right? It’s just how it is, or is it?

This multi-outlet socket will rotate in any direction, so instead of you trying to accommodate the design, the design works to accommodate you. Brilliant! No more worries about how to fit different shaped plugs into the same power strip. In addition to that, you can choose how many outlets you need by simply connecting each one yourself, depending on your needs that day. To add to the functionality, each socket is a different color. How fun! The only thing I can think of that would make this cooler is if it had a little USB port on the end. If this becomes a real product, which I hope it does, I will be ordering one for sure!

[via Yanko Design]