Tribes Next

Tribes 2 was my first online gaming experience.   With smoke pouring from my overused 56k modem I played with pings of over 400ms (which in gamer-land is suicide when trying to shoot someone)  and loved every second.  Then Tribes Vengeance came out, and Tribes 2 support slowed until it was completely dropped in 2008.

But the community was strong, and so they took Tribes 2 into their own.  Now you can play online once again, and download the full game FREE – yes there is the magic F word.  Not only this, but because its a little bit of a dino as games go these days, it runs on pretty much anything!  The maps are huge, the vehicles are awesome and learning to ski properly is one of the best things you can do.

Tribes 2 is all out Shazbot fun, and thanks to TribesNext – its back!

Check it out here: