Whiskey Stones – Now Ice Won’t Dilute Your Drinks!

Do you like throwing parties? Do you simply love to unwind after a hard days work? Do you enjoy scotch on the rocks or whiskey on the rocks?! If you are a scotch or a whiskey drinker, and if you like your liquor cold but hate the watered down taste because of melted ice, then fret no more. There is this product called the Whiskey stone.

Imagine having a cold drink that allows you to keep the strong taste and flavor that you enjoy. Ice is great for keeping our drinks cold, but since it melts, it often dilutes the flavor of our favorite beverage.

These little ice-imitators are especially designed to put a slight chill in your whiskey. All you do is put them in the freezer for a few hours and then pop a couple into a glass of single malt. Once you’re done, rinse, dry and do it all over again! No need to worry about a watery drink because these stones don’t dilute (that’s the best part). Dylan Thomas would’ve loved these things. What is great about this product is that it can also be used for non-alcoholic beverages like juices and soda.

Main Image Source – Winter flower