A Luxury Hotel… For Your Cat’s Next Vacation!

When I found out about this hotel, I instantly knew I had to write about it. I’m not really a cat person myself, but my best friend on Twitter, @mistygirlph, loves cats. Actually, her whole family does. Her big-hearted sister rescues cats, and they have about 20 of them in their home. So Misty – this article is dedicated to you!

This luxury hotel for cats, called the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel, recently opened in England. Check this out… cats that stay here listen to classical music, sleep in four poster beds, drink oxygenated water, go to the spa for pampering, and eat organic food served on a silver platter. Dang, it sounds like these cats have a better life than me. Must be nice! If you send your cat here for a little vacation, you will even receive postcards from him or her detailing the daily activities. I know you are wondering if this if for real. The answer is yes, it is. Haha!

[via amusingplanet]