Tampon Flash Drive – Keeps Your Dataflow From Leaking

If I was writing for any other blog, I would probably not choose a topic like a tampon flash drive, but this is Bit Rebels, and anything goes. I got the biggest giggle out of this. I don’t know who the hell would buy it, but it’s cracking me up (ok, I might use this just for fun, I admit it.)

All I can say is thank gosh it’s not red at the end. I can think of countless jokes right now. “Gee… I hope it doesn’t leak data at the most embarrassing time for all to see.” It even comes with a pull string for easy USB slot removal. Ok, that was gross.

According to Pixelated Geek, “This is a flash drive that’ll fit in any woman’s USB slot. And, depending on what type of dataflow that woman is expecting, she’ll feel secure knowing that this flash drive will absorb as much data as she needs. The flash drive will be available in 3 sizes: Regular, 1 GB, for those light file days. Super, 8 GB, for those days you’re in class and you don’t want to get out of your seat just to find another flash drive. And Ultra, 16 GB, for those days where that data does not stop flowing.”