88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning [Infographic]

Do you ever stop to think about how you gathered information before the Internet? If you needed to find an answer about anything, what did you do to find it? I don’t really remember, but I think we called people on the phone, asked our parents or looked it up in an encyclopedia. No wonder learning was kind of boring back then. One of the best parts of having access to all the technology we have today is the opportunity for so much learning. I’m not just talking about at-home learning either, now we can educate ourselves about anything anywhere via mobile learning too.

Unlike our computers, the human brain has an unlimited amount of storage space to hold everything we put in it (thank goodness). If you are like me, you are constantly looking things up. I think I access Google around 80 – 100 times each day. How many times do you go there? Since I delete my web history, I can only guesstimate, but I think my number is close to accurate.

Last month, edudemic (a website dedicated to online and mobile learning) put together a comprehensive list of the 100 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning. Not only did they list 100, but they also included a short description of each one. Over the past month, OnlineUniversities went through the list, chose their favorite 88 of those 100 apps for mobile learning and created this quick and easy infographic below called Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning.

These apps cover a wide variety of mobile learning topics including brain exercises, productivity, math, science and more. Between the original list of 100, and this infographic, you should have more than enough information to feed your brain when you are out and about during your day. There is just something about sitting on the subway and accessing a mobile learning app instead of playing Temple Run that makes me feel smarter already.

Get Smart On-The-Go…Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning

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Via: [Online Universities] Header Image Credit: [Elite Daily]