Finger Painting Made Easy: 3 Fun iPhone Apps

Nowadays when a person buys a smartphone, he or she really has to consider many of the different functions it has. This is unlike a few years ago when all that really mattered was if texting and making phone calls could be done easily. The majority of smartphones now allow a person to not only play games, but also to use the same phone for different forms of entertainment, including surfing the internet. If you love to doodle like I do, it can even act as your canvas.

The iPhone is a favorite among designers and artists because of the many applications they can download to showcase their work. Doodling or painting is really fun, but it can be quite expensive since many times it requires so many materials. Just to start off, you may find that you need a canvas, watercolor or oil paints and brushes. If you are planning to paint in the park on the weekend, for example, these materials will be just fine. However, what if an inspiration hits you during the day, and you don’t have your art materials with you?

Lately I have been inspired to go back to sketching, and I have been having fun illustrating once again. Of course, I cannot bring all my art materials to work. So during my breaks, I have been experimenting using my iPhone. If you like doodling or painting on the go, then you might want to try these three applications for the iPhone which I have tried and really like.

The first application is the  iPhone Brushes Edition. The application costs about $4.99. The colors are vibrant, and the tools are very easy to use. It has a zoom in and out function that can help you enlarge an image if you are working on putting tiny details on your drawing. You can customize the brushes and the effects you want to create. The second application you might want to try is the Art Studio. The application costs $2.99 to download. There is also an Art Studio Lite version which is free, just in case you want to try it out first before purchasing it. What is neat about this app is that they included a tutorial on different ways you can use the brushes that are available to you. The colors are as vibrant as the iPhone Brushes application, and it’s pretty easy to use too.

Last but not the least is the Simple Paint App. The app costs only $0.99, and is very easy to use. You can even download the application if you have kids who like to draw and paint. It will definitely give them hours and hours of fun while you work. Shake your iPhone, and it will show you the menu. There are multiple brushes to choose from, and you can use solid colors or gradient ones. Regardless of which application you download, I can guarantee you that you will have fun using any of the three. All you need is a little bit of patience to let your creativity and imagination flow!

iPhone Painting Illustrated by Hand

Image Credits: [Munchkin] [Tech Jamaica]