Have2P: iPhone App Makes Peeing More Convenient

I found this app yesterday, and I just think it’s the best thing since triple ply toilet paper. Do you have really young or really old people in your life? (Yes Grandpa, this is for you too) Do you know anyone who has an itty-bitty bladder so they pee a lot? *raising my hand* Then this is for you!

With spring right around the corner, most of us will be spending more time outside. Some activities like walking on the beach, riding our bike, head banging at an outdoor concert or peacefully picnicking in the park don’t always come with a bathroom. So, what’s a Mom with a baby, a Grandpa who can’t hold it and a girl with a small bladder to do?

I’ve got the solution, and it’s as simple as installing a free app on your iPhone. Have2P is a restroom locator app. It will find where you are, and then locate all the public restrooms in your area. That’s not all! It also gives you information regarding how clean the bathrooms are based on user experiences. It will also deter you from businesses that don’t have public bathrooms so you don’t even waste your time checking it out.

Now that’s what I call a useful app! This app was featured as one of the New York Times best apps of the week.  It was also reviewed by Buy Me An iPhone, which you can see in the video below. If you would like to download it for yourself, here is the iTunes link. I think it’s so cute how when you start it up, you are greeted with an icon of a guy and girl in the “I gotta go really bad” stance.

iPhone App Finds Public Bathrooms

iPhone App Finds Public Bathrooms

Image Credit: [Geek Sugar]