TaskRabbit: The iPhone App That Runs Errands For You

Since I usually work 12 hours each day or more, I like my off-time to be quality-time spent with the special people in my life. I don’t like to spend that time driving around in busy traffic running errands. I’ve always liked those services where I can pay someone a fee to do certain tasks that I might not have time to do myself.

Of course, I have the menu for every restaurant in downtown Atlanta that delivers, and I call them often. There is also a mobile dog grooming service that comes to my house. However, what if we need a prescription filled and we don’t feel well enough to drive, or how about if we need some milk or a dozen eggs for a recipe we’ve started?

Better yet, what if we want someone to pick up lumber at the hardware store or deliver some furniture to someone in need? What if we just want someone to wash our car or hang a mirror on the wall? The list of tasks we could use help with during our lives goes on and on. Unfortunately, for those things, most of us have to get our butts out there in the world and go do them ourselves, or we call a friend for assistance. If you are so blessed to live with someone who helps with these things, stop reading this right now and go give that person a thank you hug. People who live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and Boston (soon in NYC) have another creative option to consider also.

The TaskRabbit iPhone/iPad app allows you to get tons of stuff done by paying a small fee. Task Makers are people who bid on performing these services for people who are willing to pay for them. It’s all done online. TaskRabbit charges a 15% fee to the Task Maker, so it’s important to keep this in mind when deciding how much money you’re willing to do the job for (if you apply to be a Task Maker). You can also link TaskRabbit to your Facebook account in case you want to let all your friends know that you used the service. I hope someday something like this comes to Atlanta (but I would never link it to my Facebook #justsayin). Here is the iTunes link.

iPhone App Makes Life Easier

iPhone App Makes Life Easier

Via: [Wonder How To]