How To Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone To iPhone

Buying a new iPhone is exciting, and with all the expectations that come with an upgrade, it is a venture that is worthwhile. The first days with a new iPhone are always spent finding and installing all the applications that are needed for day to day use. While there is no limit to the apps which one can choose from depending on their interests, there are basic applications which are a must-have for most users. One such application is WhatsApp which has revolutionized how people are able to send messages, recorded voice messages, images, documents and make video calls. Worldwide, there are more than a billion people with active WhatsApp accounts which makes it a platform that everyone loves using and for all the obvious reasons.

A limiting factor for most iPhone users that want to have back their WhatsApp accounts is the data loss that comes with creating or transferring an account in their new phones. The manual transfer of all WhatsApp data from one iPhone to the other always takes forever not to mention the endless complications of the process. A common concern has been for the most suitable solution for WhatsApp transfer, backup & restore which takes away all gamble from the all-important process.

Lots of iPhone backup solutions rely on iTunes and iClouds, but for most people, there is a need for a convenient solution that is highly simplified. The iSkysoft Toolbox comes as the answer to all these concerns as it is purposefully built to meet all demands for WhatsApp transfers without compromising on any data. As a one-click application which does not require an internet connection for it to be used, it makes the cut as the ultimate choice for consumers after speed and flexibility. The restore social app further gives users more control over their data and makes it viewable before it can be restored to a new iPhone.

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Individuals who want a trusted technique on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone can benefit from the software by simply downloading it to their computers. Once downloaded there will be no limits to how they can create WhatsApp backup and use it for any purpose. Equally, the procedure for transferring WhatsApp messages is simplified as the software contains a direct link for conducting the process at a click of a button. For instant transfers, one does not have to create a backup but simply connect the old and new iPhone to the computer before clicking on the ‘Transfer WhatsApp Messages’ option.

Before the transfer begins, the software will clearly indicate the source and target devices which can easily be recognized by looking at the device names. In the event that the devices are different simply clicking the flip option will change the arrangements. Once the devices are in order, you can click on the transfer button which will prompt you to log in to the WhatsApp account of the targeted device. The actual transfer will then begin with the duration depending on the file size, and the progress will be clearly shown on the computer screen for the avoidance of any doubts. A ‘transfer complete’ message will then be shown once the transfer is successful.

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