Using VPNs For A Safer Browsing Experience

Virtual private networks, or VPNs for short, are a tool that allows internet users to access the web safely and securely no matter where they are located. VPNs have become quite popular around the world for providing internet users with a completely anonymous experience online. In countries like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, the internet is censored by the government and residents can’t access many websites by traditional means.

VPNs create a tunnel between the device accessing the web and a server located elsewhere around the world. The server gives the VPN user a new IP address and encrypts all of the data traveling through the tunnel. That means two things: one, VPN users can bypass geo-location restrictions and access blocked content, and two, VPN users can’t be tracked by third parties, ISPs, or government actors. That is why more people around the world are using VPNs, to maintain a free internet experience while remaining anonymous online.

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What Security Features Do VPNs Have?

VPNs have made it safe for individual internet users to access the web from public Wi-Fi. In recent years there have been several high profile hacks of major corporations like Target and Sony. But individuals face threats every time they log on to a public Wi-Fi network. VPN’s encryption makes it impossible for hackers to figure out what you are doing online, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, they wouldn’t be able to crack the secure connection to get to your actual communications anyway.

Why Governments Are Trying To Limit VPN Access

Although VPNs are a great tool for individuals, some governments see them as a nuisance and potential problem. China’s government has tried to block or limit VPN use, with little results. VPN use continues to grow in countries like China and in others where internet censorship is high. Residents want to be able to make their own choices online and to visit websites without fear of legal repercussions.

The Future Outlook For VPNs

As more countries turn toward online censorship (or in the case of the United States, turning away from net neutrality) there will be a greater need for VPNs. VPNs like Hotspot Shield are becoming more popular every year, especially with new tools for anonymous transactions popping up, as cryptocurrencies have. Expect VPNs to continue to rise in popularity alongside cryptocurrencies, as more internet users look to keep their online communications and transactions completely anonymous.

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