10 Entrepreneurial Styles: Which One Are You? [Infographic]

Getting a startup off the ground is hard work, and I think every entrepreneur can vouch for that. Not only does it take dedication, but you need to have a positive and never ending strive to succeed in order to keep going. In the beginning, a fun idea can be easy to maintain, but it is when things become a whole lot more stressful that you need to keep your head cool. It is said that there are 10 different entrepreneurial styles. The question is, which one are you?

The interesting part, even though these statistics are based on a 2009 study, is that as many as 86% of entrepreneurs didn’t start a business out of economic necessity. They started it because they had the time to come up with something they thought the world could use, but the foundation is still the same. If you want your startup to succeed, you have to work for it. Finding solutions for problems that would make anyone doubt is a skill that every entrepreneur needs to have in order to follow their idea through to the end.

In this kind of dated infographic, we are presented to the 10 different entrepreneurial styles said to exist. The infographic may be based on old statistics, but it is as current as ever before. The entrepreneurial styles presented are still the basic ones that people showcase and should, if studied properly, give you an insight into your own style, and what’s good and bad about it.

For the most part, this infographic called What’s Your Startup Style? (by BizSugar), is a fun way to present several different entrepreneurial styles and personalities that have and can start a business. There is always enough time, it’s just a matter of focusing on the right things. Cut any unnecessary tasks out, and you will find that you have a whole lot of inspiration to spend on all of the time that is available to you. It’s time which you can use to create something that you have already created in your mind. It doesn’t really matter how you get the job done. What matters is the result of your work. So which one of these entrepreneurial styles are you?

10 Entrepreneurial Styles Infographic

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