The 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies Which Are Popular In EU Countries

There are a massive number of cryptocurrencies in the world today. According to some calculations, their number has already exceeded 2,000, and each of them can be bought in various European countries. However, not all of them deserve your attention.

Most beginners are fixated on buying the two main currencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Still, for decent earnings on the exchange, it is also worth knowing about the features of other popular cryptocurrencies. The Сrypto license in Lithuania allows you to create a successful business with absolutely legal. Creating new crypto exchanges and wallets is now easier than ever.

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List Of The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies is a vast industry that is constantly evolving. Many analysts working here can advise which tokens deserve investment which cryptocurrency deserves your attention. So, most of them agree that in 2022 the most popular digital currencies in the EU countries are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Lucky Block
  • BNB
  • Decentraland
  • XRP
  • Cosmos
  • Finance
  • Dash
  • Solana

This list includes successful currencies that have been on the market for more than 10 years and newcomers who are just starting their journey. Each has its characteristics, which must be considered in more detail. If you get a crypto license in Lithuania, you can legally create a business using the above currencies.


It is the first cryptocurrency globally, which still has not lost its relevance. In many ways, this popularity is because many seemingly successful crypto projects fail in the first year of their existence, while Bitcoin continues to grow for more than 13 years. In addition, this currency is now accepted in almost all crypto exchanges and even in many state-owned banks that are licensed to work with cryptocurrencies.

The peculiarity of this currency is that it regularly experiences ups and downs; in a few hours, the rate can fall by 10% – 15% (and even more), and then prices are starting to skyrocket again. It allows you to make good money if you understand the features of this currency.


Ethereum is the eternal competitor of Bitcoin. However, this has 2 crucial advantages: the value of assets is more stable, and the blockchain that this currency runs on makes it possible to create a high-quality smart contract. That is why most transactions for the purchase of NFTs and other valuable assets in cryptocurrencies are carried out in Ethereum.

Lucky Block

Many people are predicting that Lucky Block could become the top-selling cryptocurrency this year, even before it went on sale. The peculiarity of this is that the coin is based on a lottery. So, by buying an asset, you automatically become a participant in the drawing, which takes place in the blockchain-based on a smart contract. It ensures maximum transparency and honesty. It is assumed that this approach to gambling activities can create a real revolution in this industry.


Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania will not be difficult but it does not completely secure your assets. Cryptocurrencies operate decentralized, which means that the UK or the EU government cannot protect your investments in such projects. However, this does not stop millions of people from investing in BNB. This coin is actively promoted by Binance, one of the most influential exchanges in the world.


This crypto product is created for fans of computer games associated with MetaVerse. So, when you buy a Desentraland asset, you automatically get your piece of land, which is essentially an NFT. Since there are many gaming enthusiasts now, it is assumed that interest in this coin will overgrow.


XRP is not just a coin. It allows international banks to make fiat transactions without using SWIFT, which is too slow and expensive, and there is always a chance of blocking assets due to bureaucratic problems.


Cosmos is another unusual currency that can simplify interaction in cryptocurrencies. In this case, it allows you to create communications between two or more different blockchains, which is also very useful.


Most cryptocurrency exchanges only allow you to buy, sell or exchange assets, but they do not issue loans or credits. Yearn.Finance breaks this tradition, so interest in this technology is snowballing.


Dash has two main advantages, which explains the popularity of this coin. Firstly, the creators of this are trying to do everything to improve the security of your assets. And secondly, it creates the most favorable conditions for creating masternodes. With the proper hardware setup, you can earn up to 2 Dash per month, which is excellent.


Over the past year, the Solana crypto asset has grown by 4600%, which allowed it to enter the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization. If it continues to develop, does not lose liquidity, and the owners do not start stealing, then this coin will continue to grow.

What Are The Conditions For The Functioning Of Cryptocurrencies In Lithuania?

Unlike some European countries, Lithuania has legalized the use of cryptocurrencies, equating them to a common currency and NFTs to securities. Their service is subject to VAT in the same way as fiat currencies, and the exchange is not taxed.

If you are a foreigner, you already have a ready-made exchange that successfully operates in other countries, and you want it to start working legally; you need to obtain crypto license in Lithuania. This can be done in person or through your lawyer. If you worked honestly and did not have a criminal record in the past, there will be no problems.

You can contact our agency for help, and our specialists will take part in the work on paperwork and work with government agencies for themselves. It will speed up obtaining a license as much as possible and help avoid many mistakes.

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