10 Sustainable Ways To Make Money Online

With the pandemic taking a toll, people are exploring new ways to make money while being socially distant. Luckily, making money online is easier today than it was ten years back. All you need is dedication, discipline, and “the right track”.

Whether you want to work remotely, earn pocket money, or search for a sustainable income-generating source, there are various ways to make money online today. Keep on scrolling to find some of the most realistic ways to make money online in 2020.

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1. Take An Online Course

Earning through online courses can become a long-term income source. Not only can you conduct a course online, but also create a course video and sell it on notable e-learning platforms like Udemy.

You’ll find various courses from cooking to trading or even on relationships. If you have a skill or knowledge about a specific subject, then you can monetize it easily. All you need is a webcam and a mic to record the course.

2. Start A Blog

Although blogging was introduced as a hobby, it slowly became one of the most efficient ways to make money online. Guaranteed, the journey to financial stability through blogging is not as easy or quick. But, if you are in it to win it, remain patient. Because once your blog gains popularity, offers about products or service promotions start pouring in. Apart from posting content, collaborating with famous influencers, and utilizing advertisements, you can also sell your material on the blog.

For instance, a course, e-books, poetry, training sessions, and anything related to your blog. Thus, begin by finding a profitable niche, then set up the blog perfectly, post original and apt content for the targeted audience and gain regular readers along with cash.

3. Host Paid Webinars

Webinars are perhaps one of the easiest and effective ways to make money online. For hosting a paid webinar, you need to have a website, an online presence, and an engaging audience. If you tick all these boxes, all you need is a relevant subject to talk about along with a product or service to sell. By hosting a webinar, you offer a great deal of knowledge, tips, ideas, and advice about a specific subject in a live format.

At the end of the session, you can pitch your product or service to your audience. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, it can be a course or a live workshop. As long as you have something valuable to offer with an audience willing to pay for it. Set up and host a webinar. By doing so you will not only secure a few deals but also generate new leads.

4. Content Writing

If you have a knack at writing, why do it for free? Several websites and blogs hire people to write high-quality content for them. You’ll receive payment for each article you write. This is great for people who are aspiring writers or bloggers. As it will develop their writing skills, give them more time to focus on their book while generating a viable income.

Moreover, you can work part-time as a freelance writer if you have a full-time job. You can either choose to work with a particular magazine and write on a specific subject. Or, you can write for different websites if your writing style is more diverse.

5. Design Websites

If you have graphic designing skills, you can earn a stable income by designing websites and creating logos. Although graphic design is a key element of web designing, it isn’t necessary to excel at it. To become a web designer, technical knowledge and visual design skills are enough. If you are working as a part-time web designer, the money you make won’t be sustainable.

However, once you’ve gained experience in the field and polished your web designing skills, you are ready for business. You can start a blog about web designing to attract new clients, create an online course, sell your themes and templates, start your agency, and more. The ideas are plenty; just take the first step.

6. Launch A Podcast

Another profitable long-term method of making money online is by starting a podcast. Podcasts are also becoming increasingly popular among millennials. It stimulates your mind while you do household chores, makes your monotonous drive to work better, and relieves the awkwardness of a road trip with the family.

To successfully launch your podcast, first ensure that your script and recording are top-notch. Next, establish your niche, grow a regular audience, and then monetize it. If you have your products and services to sell, you can mention it in the podcast.

If not, work as an affiliate and promote other company’s products and services to earn a commission. Once your podcast grows and has a large number of listeners, you’ll make money through sponsorship, collaboration, and more.

7. Online Marketing

Monetizing your online marketing skills is simple and effective as it covers a variety of marketing techniques and tools such as email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, display advertising, Google AdWords, and more.

By learning the fundamental elements of digital marketing, you can improve your marketing techniques. Choose an area of interest from the wide range of online marketing methods to generate a stable income.

8. Online Advertising

Online advertising is as simple as it can be. – you place ads on your blog, website, or video. If you have numerous readers or viewers, you will earn advertising revenue. Companies that reach out to you will pay you each time your audience clicks on the ads.

You can also use Google Ads on your website to drive targeted traffic and convert them to sales. If you already have plenty of readers on your blog or website, you can use Google AdSense to monetize them and earn a payment each time your ad is clicked.  Online advertising techniques are simple yet efficient in generating revenue from your content.

9. Virtual Fitness Training

There has been a shift in people’s work-out behavior. They are leaning more towards training from the comfort of their homes rather than going to the gym. Also, with the constant traffic chaos and the current pandemic situation, staying fit from home becomes a reasonable alternative.

Online fitness programs are among the fastest-growing business areas in the fitness industry. This makes it a popular and exciting business idea. You can either create a fitness app with free workout plans and a full version for paid subscribers only.

If your clients are impressed by your training style and workouts, they will pay for the full workout plan. You can also plan an online training session with a subscription fee and train your clients in a live format. Later you can expand your business into a substantial profession by selling diet plans, books on fitness tips, and techniques.

10. Coaching Or Consulting

Are you an expert in a specific subject or area? Do you have skills and knowledge that can be shared with other people? Then you can start online coaching classes. The subject of interest can be anything. From careers to academics to financial tips to relationship advice and more. Online coaching and consulting is a booming field.

Everyone with a computer and the Internet can become a coach. But only a few can build a promising business out of it. First, you must define your coaching purpose and establish a target audience for it. Next, explore ideas to monetize it. You can conduct paid workshops, masterclass, webinars, launch a course, sell your books, or other relevant products and services.

The process of making money online is slow and arduous yet profitable in the long run. Also, there are countless ways to earn. Now that you know a few ways to generate a sustainable online income, are you ready to reap its benefits?

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