10 Effective Tips For Training Call Center Agents

The success of your call center depends directly on the productivity and performance of your agents. So, it’s vital to establish an effective training program and support for your agent’s success.

Customer expectations for better service are increasing, and they desire to interact with skilled agents who can help them out with their problems. Call center training remains a crucial part of the puzzle. To keep the customers happy, it is necessary to well equip your agents with the best practices of the industry.

So, here are the ten useful tips.

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1. Introduce The Team

First, ask the new members to introduce themselves and then the managing director should introduce them to the department heads and supervisors.

Inform new members about the role and contribution of existing members in the team and how to reach out to them. This will help new agent know who to talk to and who is responsible for giving them a lifeline whenever it’s needed.

2. Empower Your Agents

An agent who has the appropriate tools at work can make better decisions on behalf of the company. A well-trained agent with the ability to make decisions will not only leave your customers satisfied but will also solve the customer’s problem in one call.

It results in positive and impressive customer experience and encourages your customer to trust your brand as you have helped them out immediately with your call center services. Isn’t that great?

3. Use Customer Feedback As Training Material

Customer feedback is crucial in helping your brand decide what needs to be improved and how your agents should be trained to handle all the situations.

For instance, customers might feel like conversations are taking too long, or they are being re-routed quite often. In such a scenario, it’s necessary to talk about average handling.

4. Training Should Be Engaging

Try to move away from the usual and monotonous training. It would be a waste if nobody is paying attention to the training.

If your agents are not engaged, they will not learn, and you will lose your customers!

5. Turn Training Into Actions

Training, at times, can fall on deaf ears. Some agents might be chatting their partners while you train them because they are bored. Therefore, involve them by turning the training sessions into actions.

Try including a few practical activities in your training sessions. Example: You can make two teams, one as agent and one as customer. They will interact over the phone to see agents will be countering customer’s issues.

6. Train Your Agents Individually

According to research, time to expertise varies depending on the understanding level of new agents, complexity of the work, training protocols, and management strategies. So, train each agent individually too.

7. Consider Your Customers

Most call centers are successful because they listen to what their customers have to say. Whether you gathered those opinions through the past and live calls or survey, it’s vital to develop agent training around what customers expect.

8. Use Videos

Videos are a better way to engage and involve your trainees. In case you don’t have the budget for creating a training curriculum of your own, worry not! There are many excellent and detailed how-to-videos on YouTube that you can begin with.

9. Praise And Encourage The Agents

It’s important for the top-level management teams to set aside some time every week to listen to calls and praise their agents and even reward them certificates and gift cards. The agents will feel encouraged and appreciated which will keep them motivated to do more healthy work for your company.

10. Offer Peer Training

During a training session, it can be an excellent idea for agents to work together and assess each other’s performance. Top performing agents can as well share their practices with peers.


While customer expectations continue to increase, it’s executives and call center manager’s role to train their agents so that they can meet their customers’ needs. The aforementioned tips will help you improve your training curriculum and enable your agents to provide better services.

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