14 Signs That You Love Your Job…Or Not [Chart]

We write a lot about things you can do if you don’t like your job. Statistics show that people will switch job about 7 times during their professional careers. Some people make it a hobby to know what’s available on the job market before they’re even ready to switch jobs. That way, they are always prepared for what’s around the corner. But what if you love your job? What if you don’t know whether or not you love your job? It’s a strange question, but one worth asking.

You don’t have to walk into work everyday with a huge smile on your face in order to love your job. Although that would be ideal, it’s not very realistic. There are ups and downs to everything in life, and our jobs are included. There are certain ways you can reassure yourself that you’ve got a good thing going though. These things might make you appreciate your job more than you did before.

Recently Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO at HubSpot and blogger at OnStartups.com, published an article on the LinkedIn blog called 14 Telling Signs You Love Your Job. It’s a very insightful article full of wisdom, and it’s a great read. If you have the time, I would recommend that you click over there and check it out for yourself.

The summary of that article is illustrated in this chart below with the same name (by Social@Ogilvy). As Dharmesh points out, all of these things may not be the case all the time, but when you love your job, many of these things are the case much of the time. Number 8 is the most poignant one on here for me. In order to be happy at your job, you have to feel valued, respected and trusted. There’s no way around that one. I hope you like this!

14 Signs That You Love Your Job…Or Not

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Via: [Pinterest / Social@Ogilvy]