15 Great Marketing Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friend

High-performing agencies, freelancers, and internal marketers alike have discovered that collaboration drives success across all themes of marketing.

In the spirit of sharing innovative ideas, we have compiled this comprehensive list of marketing ideas for you to use across your projects and to share with others. In it, we have listed different ideas and strategies to help you find the perfect digital and in-person approach for sales for your team to use.

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General Best Practice Ideas

1. Demonstrate expertise casually. Every instance of marketing is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and experience surrounding a product or service, for example, essay writing service. Marketers often fail by spending too much time elaborating on their expertise; a customer’s limited attention should be used effectively. Try to think of your marketing pieces as a time to inform on what you’re delivering instead of talking about yourself.

2. Survey buyers on their first impression. Collect information from prospective buyers and customers on their first impressions of your marketing outreach. It’s important to consider a wide variety of opinions, though you should also try to gather enough inputs to represent the general population. Smaller teams can gain valuable feedback from just 10 people!

3. Keep Content Fresh. Seeing the same ad multiple times in a row can be annoying “does this company ever change it up?” While we can’t always control where prospects see our content, we can keep them on their feet by making our content interesting and variable.

Ideas For Marketing In The Digital Age

Modern marketing is an incredible tool for businesses to capture new markets and sell to previously untouched customer bases. Certain fundamentals of marketing must be retained; however, the internet and social media should be considered as half of the important value delivery equation.

4. Offer a way to experience products and services in person. Connecting fellow customers on a localized basis is a great way to provide others with interaction, a key factor in making a purchase decision.

5. Rebrand digital assets for special events and holidays. This can be as simple as recoloring your logo, adding a silly cartoon during Halloween, or by adding festive music to audio and video content.

6. Inject comedy into informative pieces. Informative videos, articles, and graphics can become stale, so try adding light jokes. Laughter and happiness are associated with a good time which can enhance sales!

7. Leverage customer experiences. Purely digital businesses need to share their value proposition, often sight unseen. Ask customers for their honest feedback and remember to share this with people via your website and articles. This is also a unique way to re-engage with customers who may purchase your product or service multiple times.

Ideas For Maximizing Physical Engagement

As most businesses focus on using the most cost-effective methods, sometimes all it takes is getting out on the streets! Physical engagement remains an important component of marketing, online ads will not reach everyone.

8. Attend community events on behalf of the business. Think about how impactful community events can be, wouldn’t it be great to be recognized as a company that is active in helping others?

9. Chalk the sidewalks (Only if it’s legal). Take a box of chalk to the street and draw up creative designs around town, be sure to brand your street art! This is a perfect application for social media hashtags and short URLs.

10. Setup a tent and engage with passersby. Public visibility is all about doing what others won’t, and customers will quickly take notice! Share stories of success and bring devices to showcase digital and professional services.

Relationships Continue To Drive New Business Interactions

This nuanced, albeit traditional, area of marketing is what drives marketing success on social media platforms. This section is particularly useful for small businesses or those which offer a tailored experience.

11. Ask customers to refer their friends! Happy customers are the most effective brand advocates.

12. Volunteer at charity events. Public service events are a great opportunity to create relationships with people in the community and to contribute to something worthwhile.

13. Send customers cards for special events. Happy birthday and holiday cards are an inexpensive way to re-engage customers, who are most likely to buy something!

Cross Promoting Products and Services

14. Cross-promotion provides customers with more opportunities to engage with your team by collaborating with another related or unrelated business. The most successful cross-promotion initiatives are held between two companies that serve related markets. For example, a gym can run a cross promotion with a local running shoe store!

15. Apply for business awards. No matter what industry you serve, businesses just like yours are publicly recognized for exceptional service and value. Organizations exist to educate local consumers about businesses and to promote buying local.


Modern marketing is all about thinking outside of the box. Forward-thinking businesses leverage the resources at their disposal to demonstrate value to customers. In this article, we discuss 15 unique ideas for you to explore and try for yourself.

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